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Career & Children Book Research

I'm doing research on the topic with a goal of writing a book that answers questions like:

  • How does having children affect women's careers?

  • What factors and variables can we keep in mind for this life changing transition into motherhood?

  • How can we prepare for this change and set ourselves up for success?

  • How have other women done it? What kinds of options are out there?

  • How do we bring about cultural changes so that the workplace better accommodates for ambitious working mothers?


How/Why it started:

I woke up one day with a crazy realization: my biological clock started affecting my career decisions. And not in a good way.

I felt like I'm sitting on a ticking bomb and I have to act fast - or my life and career will never properly recover. For context: I'm 31 and hope to have my first child before I'm 35 (hoping as I don't know what my fertility metrics look like, not ready to cross that bridge yet).

I want to have children, but I'm terrified of what that will do to my life and, in particular, career. And the more women I spoke to, the more I've seen the same fear, the same doubts and general feeling of disorientation.

So I've decided to set out on a quest to research the topic, to bring us all information on how others have handled it, what unexpected variables we can expect to go on a roller coaster and how we can prepare ourselves, our partners and our careers for this major life change. To write a book on the topic because it's always been my dream to write one (ever since I was 7-8).

Not going to lie, this process is pretty scary too. It triggers my imposter syndrome daily, but I've decided to be transparent and proactive about sharing my journey. Fill out the form above to get my thoughts, insights and findings into your email!

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