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Share your news, celebrations and resources below!

We want to celebrate with you and get inspired by your wins - no matter how big or small they may be ❤️ It's all about community, cheering each other on, and sharing useful resources that either you have created or think that they would be useful to others.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Use this form to celebrate Women in STEM and their achievements - no matter how big or small (from celebrating promotion to sticking to your meditation goals!)

  • Share resources that are relevant for Women in STEM

  • This form is for personal/individual wins. If you're looking to promote your brand/product, here are the next steps.

  • Issues come out every Thursday, we try to compile the newsletter on Wednesdays. However, we're a small team and our schedule may vary - so your submission might be in the queue for the next week's issue 🙂

  • Please submit your news in third person, following the instructions and examples in the form. It helps make the process easier on our side!


Why only women?

We truly believe that diversity is key when it comes to any problem solving, especially tech and entrepreneurship. Minorities need to feel empowered and we're trying to create a space to celebrate women and to help them feel like they belong. Thank you for understanding and supporting this initiative!

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