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Leadership Offsite Club

There's a reason why companies do offsites to do strategic thinking and planning. Why don't we do that for our lives and careers? 


How it works


Sign up for the Leadership Offsite Club


Confirm your participation by opting into receiving emails from us (check your spam folder if you don't get an email)


You will receive a welcome email and the current reflection prompt 5 minutes after that


Halfway through the next quarter, we will send you the next set of prompts

The True Offsite Effect

The term "offsite" implies being outside of your typical environment. That eliminates distractions, creates an intentional space, and helps you get your creative, out-of-the-box juices flowing. So for a true offsite effect, get outside: take yourself out for a coffee/meal or go to a park.

How it Started

My husband had a Leadership Offsite trip and the company paid for a hotel room for him. I loved the town and the company didn't mind me staying in the room - so I went and spent a day by myself journalling and reflecting (while taking myself out to meals). I called it my own Leadership Offsite and the rest was history ;)

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