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Let's celebrate badass women in our lives! Not only is it a great exercise in lifting each other up, but it also helps us recognize that greatness in ourselves! Besides, it's the best feeling when someone reminds you how special and unique you are.


This form is for you to recognize a friend, co-worker - or any woman that you want to highlight for professional or personal qualities!


Submission Guidelines:

  • We share 1 highlight per week, so once you've submitted yours, it will be added to our queue. Highlights are generally posted on a first come first served basis.

  • We value consent, please only share this person's personal details if they consent to you doing that.

  • Please submit your responses following the instructions and examples in the form. It helps make the process easier on our side!


Why only women?

We truly believe that diversity is key when it comes to any problem solving, especially tech and entrepreneurship. Minorities need to feel empowered and we're trying to create a space to celebrate women and to help them feel like they belong. Thank you for understanding and supporting this initiative!

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