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Personal Branding Masterclass

“Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”
— Chris Ducker

Do you want to strategically grow your career?

Whether you want it or not, you have a personal brand. Our personal brands can either help our career growth or slow it down - the difference is in whether we’re intentional about them. 

Your personal brand can be a powerful lever that opens doors for you and brings opportunities that you’ve never dreamed of. All because your name is mentioned in the right rooms before you even walk into them.


My goal is to help you build an intentional personal brand during your work hours. A brand that will grow your career and reward you for your investment for years to come.


Tell me if you can relate:


You are ambitious and want to grow your career but you feel:

  • Overwhelmed at work, you don’t have the time to figure out a personal brand on top of your job

  • That you’re a top-performer, but you’re not getting the recognition you deserve and people less-qualified are getting promoted faster than you 

  • Slightly disoriented with where your career is going

  • That your colleagues just dump tasks on you, you’re the go-to person for everything

  • Lost on how to present yourself to people or tell your “story” 

  • Confused about what a personal brand is, how to start one and why you need it

I will give you a simple framework for building a personal brand that will open doors for you and bring you opportunities you’ve never thought of. A strategy that will cut through the overwhelm and that will not add a thousand to-do items to your list.

If you felt any of the points above, this program will help you because I will teach you how to:

  • Make personal brand work as PART of your current job (I don’t want to add more work onto your plate!)

  • Eliminate some of the irrelevant workload off of your plate

  • Communicate your worth to your leadership and peers

  • Get visibility inside your organization and increase your chances of getting promoted

  • Tell your story in a powerful way

  • Build a personal brand that will open doors for you and bring you opportunities you’ve never thought of


How it works

This is a 3-week training program, combining pre-recorded video content with live group Q&A / coaching sessions. Pre-recorded videos will share the theory and exercises for you to take home. Then, we will have a follow up group call each week, discussing the exercises and your results. This is also the time when the group can help you brainstorm solutions to the challenges you’re facing.


Group format

The group format will amplify your experience, putting things into perspective, helping you understand what contexts and problems other people face - as well as allow you to bounce ideas off each other. It’s important to understand you’re not alone and this can lead to some wonderful new friendships in the industry.


Spots are limited to 10

I want to make sure that the interactions are as in-depth as possible and that everyone has time to talk. So I’m limiting the group size to ensure a more intimate experience and a higher return for your money.


Personal brand fundamentals

We will talk about the fundamental principles of personal branding, including the PIE model and how to use it to your advantage. The exercises that week will help you understand the value you’re bringing to the table and shape what you want your personal brand to be.



It’s time to talk about your performance at work and also WHAT you’re working on because that’s part of your personal brand. The exercises that week will help you strategically eliminate some of the tasks/projects that you shouldn’t be working on.

Q&A / Group coaching call 1


Shaping your image consists of so many moving parts. We will simplify this process and help you prioritize the most important ones. That week’s exercises will help you craft the user experience of your brand, telling your story through the brand assets, such as your Linkedin, resume, etc.



Networking is key to building one’s personal brand, so on week 4 we will talk about networking strategies and help you not only build your network, but nurture it as well. The exercises will be geared towards building your networking muscle.

Q&A / Group coaching call 2

Personal brand on autopilot

All of the work that we’ve done has been a wonderful investment in ourselves, but in order to keep the momentum going, we need to create systems. Systems that reinforce your personal brand and put it on autopilot. This is where we make sure it’s all happening DURING your working hours and not in your personal time. The exercises this week will help you create those autopilot systems and habits within your current work schedule.


Bonus content

If there’s anything left to discuss or dive into, this is where we do that. I will be collecting all of your questions throughout the program and if anything needs to be addressed in depth, with additional theory or exercises - this will be the place for it!

Q&A / Group coaching call 3


Investment: $149 - which includes:

  • My personal branding framework ($1,200+ value)

  • 3 hours of group consulting ($750 value)

  • 12+ exercises that I share with my coaching and corporate clients ($2,500+ value)

  • Because spots are limited, you’re going to have a much more intimate and meaningful experience


+ Bonus: a 30-min 1:1 coaching session with Masha


You could either invest in your career and communication skills, something that will help you get your next raise and promotion - or buy 1 oat milk latte every week for a year. The choice is yours :)

Money back guarantee: if you’re not satisfied with the materials after the first call of week one (the theory + exercises), you can get your payment back in full.


About me

Hi, I’m Masha!

I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, career coach, personal branding expert, content creator, ex-Googler and an advocate for women in the workplace. I’m on a mission to drive female impact and innovation in tech by helping women to navigate the corporate world and advocate for themselves - giving them the tools to transform the work culture to meet their needs and life choices.


My background is in Economics + Marketing and Market Research and I’ve worked in as many environments as you can imagine: startups, a big company like Google, a university and in my own business. Not only do I understand all of these landscapes, but I also know how to navigate all of them through effective communication, networking and strategic partnerships.


Though all of that, I have reinvented my own personal brand at least 6 times to this date. In some instances I was more strategic and intentional than others. I've made mistakes, I've noticed patterns. I've studied literature and I've developed a framework that works. I want to share it with you and help you be more strategic in your career.



Coaching Clients

"1 coaching session with Masha and I got further than I have been able to do so on my own for months (or maybe years?) !
She gave me clarity, structure, and understood what was my biggest challenge and opportunities to get me to focus on the things that FOR ME will be the most impactful.

She takes her time to understand you & your current context to give you a sharp objective perspective + the right tools and structure to help you figure out a whole lot about your career growth: from what success really means to you to where your focus should be and which actions you can and should start taking today."

- Ale Arce (@TheYogiCoder)

It’s a good fit if you are:

  • Ambitious, but you also want to be happy

  • Excited to put in the work

  • Ready to optimize how you build your career

  • Feeling stuck in your career

  • Looking for tools that will help you in your career for years to come


This program is NOT for you if you DON'T:

  • Want to grow your career

  • Believe in working SMARTER rather than harder

  • Want to invest in your growth or put in the work

  • Like knowing yourself better

  • Want to communicate your value to the world

I'm ready to invest in my career and personal brand