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18 Black Women in Tech You Need to Follow on YouTube

There are so many incredible Women in Tech creating content and today I wanted to share some of my favourite YouTube channels by Black Creators. These women are awesome and I’m lucky to have collaborated with some of them already, so you may have seen them on this blog before!

This list is definitely not complete, I’m sure that there are many more awesome channels by black women in tech. If you know of a channel that I haven’t listed, please add it in the comments – so that I can add them too! Also, please note that there’s no particular order in this list, all of these women are unique and incredible.

Without a further ado, let’s look at some of these awesome women:

Lenora is a Software Engineer with a lot of UX, UI and product design experience. Her channel reflects that and her bright personality perfectly: she creates incredibly helpful videos and tutorials that are also fun and playful at the same time. Subscribe to her channel for videos on UX Design, Front end development and Personal Branding advice.

A little sidenote: How Lenora got into tech was quite a story, she’s been trying to do that for years but kept running into barriers. However, she persisted and didn’t take no for an answer – watch my interview with this inspiring woman here! A little warning: Potential Side Effects of learning her story may include goosebumps and a huge boost of motivation.

Tayllor has recently become a front end developer and she got her first job before she even finished the coding program she was doing. She is such a badass, a serial entrepreneur and also the owner of YourLashBar, producing high quality, cruelty-free, affordable lashes.

Her channel reflects her passions, she creates content about technology, wellbeing and beauty – subscribe to this awesome woman’s YouTube channel because she has a lot of wisdom to share and she is incredibly down to earth.

I’ve also done an interview with her recently, asking her about her job hunt in tech and advice she would give anyone who is currently going through the process. Read/watch it here!

I’m obsessed with Nicole’s style, she is just so incredibly cool! She is a self-taught developer and designer and her content is a must for anyone who is learning to code. She shares helpful tips, resources and her personal experience of getting into the tech industry as a self-taught developer. She also talks about topics like self-discipline, networking as an introvert and what it’s like to be a black woman in tech.

Her content is infused with wisdom and if you’re transitioning into tech, you may need to binge-watch her videos! I also have interviewed this awesome woman – about her experience learning to code, if she followed a particular structure and her recommendations for anyone currently going through the process. Read/watch it here!

That name perfectly reflects Tailor’s personality – she is such a badass! She has over 5 years of experience in the tech industry and on her channel she is documenting her growth in the cybersecurity space, sharing career advice and solutions for issues anyone may find on their path to cybersecurity mastery. If you’re interested in cybersecurity, subscribing to her channel is an absolute must!

Tailor has also created an ebook called The Ultimate Guide for Getting into Cybersecurity for Beginners, which sheds the light on many questions you might need help with: like how to get into the cybersecurity field, picking the right career path for you, scheduling your studies, scheduling your first certification, and applying for entry-level jobs.

Michaela also works in the field of cybersecurity and is the CEO of Blacks In Cybersecurity, whose mission is to encourage the participation of people of colour in Cybersecurity.

Michaela organises and attends a lot of conferences and events, so her channel shares sneak peeks of her experiences. I especially loved her video about what’s in her conference backpack – she is so prepared! I’ll rewatch it and take notes next time I’m going to an in-person event.

Finally, I wanted to comment on her style, she calls herself Computersciencebarbie for a reason – she loves pink and almost every accessory she has is bright barbie pink – which I absolutely love! We’ve also done an interview series back in the day, which you can watch here.

Kim is the mastermind behind Lipstick and Tech whose mission to boost your confidence, motivation and inspire Salesforce end-users and professionals. Kim is a Salesforce consultant and a career coach, helping professionals launch their Salesforce careers & busy business owners to train and implement Salesforce.

She has recently added a collection of awesome Resume templates to her online store, make sure you check them out!

Kim is also a wonderful person with a huge heart and a playful personality. Her channel is dedicated to Salesforce and navigating that world – that can get rather confusing (from my personal experience), so make sure you subscribe to her channel for more insights on that!

Jade channel banner promises Code but make it Fashion and I am so excited for all of her upcoming content! I mean have you seen her graduation photoshoot?

Jade graduated with a degree in Computer Science this year with the most epic dress and fabulous photos. Talking about taking a bad situation and making the absolute best of it (if you’re watching this from the future, I’m talking about coronavirus and college graduates being unable to graduate in person – although I have no idea what that process will look like in the future).

If you’re interested in content that balances out tech with fashion in a seamless and super creative way, Jade is your girl. Jade will achieve amazing things in life, I have no doubt about it and I’m very excited to follow her journey. Subscribe to her channel to do the same!

Maya is such a wonderful human, who is determined to achieve all of her goals with a contagious smile on her face. She is a Software Engineer in the fintech space in the Silicon Valley and on her channels she shares her experiences – starting from her first day as a Software Engineer to holiday parties at her company and of course, the quarantine reality.

She also shares coding and career advice as well as tutorials. Make sure you subscribe to her channel for awesome content from this awesome woman!

Maya has created a community where Black coders can share resources, do interview prep, and be vulnerable with one another. DM her on Instagram to learn more about it!

I’m in love with Olivia’s personality and how authentic she is. She isn’t afraid to talk about failure, money and other subjects that other people might deem sensitive. And that’s why her content is so great!

Olivia is a Software Engineer and on her channel she shares her experience going from a college dropout to someone who ended up falling in love with the world of software engineering and went to Flatiron school to become a software engineer. Not only does she share her story and experience, but she also gives valuable advice for anyone going through a similar transition! And she is also a mum and talks about what it’s like to balance that with her job.

Make sure you subscribe to her channel!

Nici Kelly is such a badass, she is a Software Engineer and the founder and an instructor at Gurl Code Academy, whose mission is to help girls transition their careers into tech.

Nici always had a passion for maths and tech – she was exposed to it from a very early age thanks to her grandma who was a maths teacher and had her do problems that were way above her age! Her mum also saw her passion and helped her get into a program that helped her develop her technical skills and curiosity. At 17 she got her first computer which, naturally, she took apart and then put it back together. That gave her the freedom to figure things out on her own – there were no manuals or documentation at the time, so she learned by doing!

Since then she has built a successful career in technology and her channel is dedicated to sharing her experience and career advice to anyone who is looking to join the tech industry. Subscribe to her channel not to miss any of it!

Chandler is awesome and her content is consistent with that! She is a software developer, a mentor and a person with a great sense of humour. She is also a bootcamp graduate and shares a lot of insights on her experience and thoughts on how to understand whether a coding bootcamp is the right path for you.

The main focus of her channel though is tutorials, mainly in Java and JavaScript – for example, she recently published a series of videos on React basics. Make sure you Subscribe Chandler’s channel!

Meezy is a Software Engineer and a computer science graduate. I love how authentic she is about her experience, sharing super valuable advice. For example, she shares that Computer Science didn’t come naturally to her and talks about her struggles.

You can tell that she is constantly growing and developing as a person, not seeing any barriers or negativity around her, but going for her goals. She knows what she wants and she is paving the road for herself to get it!

Her channel reflects that approach to life and mentality. In her videos she shares career advice and her journey, which I’m incredibly excited for. Subscribe to her channel to follow it and get a ton of valuable advice from Meezy.

Laila is a full-stack developer with a degree in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence. She documented her experience while getting her degree and also her internship at Asos. As you can probably tell she also has a thing for fashion, which she effortlessly combines with her technical skills.

Laila is awesome and her content is too. She creates videos with career advice, sharing her personal experience and coding tips. She is also an artist and has recently uploaded a cover song on her channel, when I listened to it I got goosebumps, her voice is so beautiful! Subscribe to this super talented woman’s channel!

M’benda is a software engineer and Miss Los Angeles US 2020. She is hilarious and the idea behind her channel is to help her and us get our lives together. And that is regarding so many different aspects of our lives: from career and financial, to mental, physical and spiritual.

Her content is fun, inspiring and has a ton of value for anyone – and especially those who are interested in a career in tech. M’benda is definitely a role model for all of us. I don’t know what she is talking about when she says that she doesn’t have her life together! Subscribe to this amazing woman’s channel!

Bukola is a self-taught Software Engineer living in New York. Her parents originally gave her two career options: to be a lawyer or a doctor, so she was on the path to becoming a lawyer when she realised that she doesn’t enjoy the profession and doesn’t want to do it! Costly bootcamps weren’t for her and she ended up doing a completely self-directed community empowered program to get her skills up. She worked tirelessly and did a ton of interviews, and as result, she has a ton of knowledge to share!

That’s exactly what Bukola does on her YouTube channel. You will find all sorts of career advice there, from how to make the right decision to interview tips. She also has a passion for personal finance and shares some valuable tips on that! Subscribe to her channel!

Semirah is a natural problem solver. She is an engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, which she uses in different ways to create solutions and make the world a better place. She is super active in the tech space, speaking at conferences on subjects like blockchain and computer aided design as well as topics around personal development.

Semirah creates lifestyle and tech content for her channel, talking about all things career, attending events and building things! All of her videos are infused with her wonderful and playful attitude, which I love! Make sure you subscribe to her channel 🙂

Natsai is a software engineer, working in the Silicone Valley. She started her channel back when she was doing her degree in Computer Science as an international student, sharing her thoughts, struggles and wins along the way. Since then she has developed a passion for storytelling and founded Our Journey Through Code, highlighting women of colour in tech and providing resources for people in tech.

It’s so nice to see her growth and evolution throughout her channel’s history. And I love what she is doing right now, sharing stories of women of colour in tech. Those videos have a ton of awesome life and career advice. Make sure you subscribe to Natsai’s channel!

Bree is awesome, her videos radiate her positive energy, which is contagious! In them, she shares her journey as a software engineer, video game lover, wife and apparently a rice crispy treat connoisseur. I’m sure that from that description you can tell how playful and fun her videos are!

Bree covers different career questions on her channel, including what it’s like to be a black woman in tech. Subscribe to her YouTube channel not to miss her advice and insights!

People have also recommended these amazing creators:

Jordan is such an amazing woman! She is a graduate student at Harvard and MIT and researches brain-machine interfaces and machine learning for medicine. She focuses on AI and algorithms and has so much amazing info to share with everyone. Definitely subscribe to her channel to understand how AI impacts your life!

Amina is a Black Muslim woman and creates such uplifting content! She cares so much about creating videos that resonate with underrepresented communities. Her channel is extra special because she even includes sign language captioning! Her emphasis on accessibility is completely inspiring. Subscribe to her channel and support this amazing woman!

Make sure you subscribe to all of those wonderful women on YouTube and other social media!

I’m sure there are more incredible channels by black women in tech, if you know of any more – please comment their names and links below so that I can add them to the list 🙂

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