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18 Tech Halloween Costume Ideas to Celebrate at Home

Even though this year’s Halloween is going to be different, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t dress up! I’ve compiled some of my favourite tech Halloween costume ideas – and techie pumpkin decorations to help you create yours for this year 🎃

No wifi

This was my last year’s Halloween costume! It was super simple to execute (liquid eyeliner saved the day) and got quite a few laughs from techies 😊

The Queen of Data

In 2018 I went all out and created a Nerd Crown as I called it – it was a pretty fun project!

Feature, Not a Bug

Laura’s never disappoints at Halloween, her costumes are always so creative and punny!

SQL Server

Another gem by Laura, probably my favourite Halloween costume of all times!

The Cloud

So simple, cute and as always, very punny 😉

Error 401: Authorization Required

Anther awesome costume that can be very last-minute!

Ada Lovelace

Robyn posted this a while back and I still keep on thinking about this. What an awesome costume 🥰

Error 404: Costume Not Found

Another error last-minute gem of a costume!


Adjust the keys for Mac 😉

Source: BuzzFeed

Phishing Scam

I haven’t seen too many cybersecurity themed costumes and this one stole my heart!


Because we all hate spam. Not sure about the food, never tried that one

Source: HeadRed


Love the idea, but would love to see a more interesting/funny execution

GitHub’s Octocat

So unbelievably cute!

Source: Dev

Blue Screen of Death

For all of the Windows users

Source: 9Gag

Body Tag

Back to basics

Source: HostDime

Window’s Little Helper

Do you remember this guy? Ahh makes me feel so old!

Source: HostDime

Identity Thief

Another cybersecurity costume and so simple to make!

Cache and Cookies

That was not a costume, but can you make it one? 😉

Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

Because let’s be honest, it’s not Halloween without a carved pumpkin 😉

Do you have any other ideas for a tech Halloween costume? Share them in the comments! And don’t forget to tag me in your techie Halloween stories, I’d love to share them 🎃


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