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Advice for First Time Managers - How to Be a Good Manager with Emily Tsitrian

You got promoted to a manager - now what!? How do you navigate this new role, responsibilities, relationships, and everything else that comes with the title?

Listen to the podcast here:

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Emily Tsitrian has been there, done that, and wrote a book about it. Her book is a funny, sassy, smart, and relatable. It's a management companion for millennials taking their first steps into the management world. We will discuss what to do on your first day as a new manager and first steps for new managers. We'll also talk about tips for new managers, how to be a great manager, and how to be a good leader. Plus, how to avoid mistakes as a first-time managers, how to navigate work relationships as a new manager, etc. Did I pack enough keywords in here? Haha, your girl is trying a new strategy ;)

Watch the podcast here:

About Emily: Emily Tsitrian is a passionate manager, an innovative public speaker, and a brilliant author who has made it her mission to give up-and-coming leaders encouragement as they begin their management journeys in the corporate world. Coming from humble business beginnings herself, she talks to fellow leaders about her own journey - her ups and downs, her toughest learned lessons, and her proudest triumphs - to let other managers know that they aren’t alone on this new path, and they can rely on her for some wise, unconventional, and very real guidance.

Get Emily's book, Make Me The Boss

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