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April 7: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 53

Happy Tuesday, wonderful humans! As we are adapting to this new reality, it’s important to be intentional about the process. Creating time and space for taking care of your mental health as well as celebrating your little wins is now more important than ever.

I have some resources in the works to help you with that, but in the meantime, let’s celebrate some awesome women in our community!

Don’t forget to share your story for the next one. Make sure to check out the submission form at the bottom of the post 🙂

Featured Woman 👩‍💻

Julia and Coding Unicorn

Julia shares so much value and wonderful career advice on her social media! She is a full- stack developer who is creating her own unique and rebellious path. Follow this energetic and vibrant woman for a daily dose of wisdom and inspiration!

Celebrations 🥂🎉

Archana’s blog about her Google Interview Experience got 2.8K reads!

In her own words:

“Last year in the month of July to September. I have gone through my Google Interview. Though I can’t make it in the 3rd round but have learned a lot more in my whole life time. So I have written a blog covering the whole process of my interview experience for those who wanted to know.”

I thought I must share this as a post.♥️✨ (I saw it's on trending when I open google new stories😯) . I guess it is not too late to share that, it's been more than two months I was gone through my GOOGLE Interview. ♥️ . I'm very happy that after clearing two rounds I got a chance to go through my first ever technical interview. Unfortunately I can't make it that's the other thing but the whole 3 months journey is countless for me forever. I have learned a lot and fallen in love with Algo.🙈🥰🌼 . Thank you soo much Sarah Yang(my recruiter) throughout the whole interview process. 🙂 . And here is the write-up that covered whole experience of my Google Interview: . . . . . . #interview #googleinterview #algorithm #datastructures #womenwhocode #webdev #javascript #codingdays #dev_girls #madewithcode #codegirl #girldeveloper #devlife #girlprogrammer #girlswhocode #girlsintech #femaleintech #codingqueen #bossbabe #thefutureisfemale #codingdays #dev_girls #techgirls #womeninstem #coderworlds #thedevlife #developerspace #the_dev_story #programmer_republic

A post shared by A r c h a n a 🌻 (@archanaserver) on Jan 5, 2020 at 7:11am PST

Mikaela had her first in-app purchase!

Mikaela released the game “Gibbs Crew Trivia” in February this year – with a goal of getting experience adding an app in the App Store. She wasn’t aiming for a certain number of downloads or sales, but this is such a wonderful milestone!

Congratulations, Mikaela!! This is incredible and just the first sale with many to come!

I have my very first sale! 🥳 . I released the game “Gibbs Crew Trivia” on February 14,2020. (Link in bio @mikaelacaron ) . I don’t really check the stats about downloads or sales because it’s not about the money or about the download numbers. . I wanted to get experience adding an app in the App Store, “a real app,” that I built myself without the help of a step by step tutorial. . The fact that I have one sale and any downloads is awesome 🥳 . What was your first app or first sale? Let me know! . You can download my app from the link in my bio! It’s a trivia game for the show NCIS. (@mikaelacaron ) . . . #WWC #WWCMobile #Xcode #appDeveloper #buildUpDevs #codeGoals #coderPower #codes #developer #developerDiaries #developer_work #devinitelyHealthy #digitalNomad #futureIsFemale #girlsDevelopIt #girlsInStem #girlsInTech #girlsWhoCode #iOSDeveloper #indieDev #liveAuthentic #mobileAppDevelopment #mobileApps #myDevJourney #peopleWhoCode #softwareEngineering #soloDeveloper #firstSale #womenInTechnology #womenWhoCode • via @SmarthashApp

A post shared by Mikaela Caron | iOS Developer🦄 (@mikaelacaron) on Apr 2, 2020 at 5:07am PDT

Resources 👩‍💻

Sepideh says:

“I found this a very good source for a dedicated programmer! It’s a must read for all software engineers!”

And a few resources created and shared by me, that you might find especially useful now!

We live in very strange and disorienting times. Everyone’s daily routines have been changed drastically and there’s so much uncertainty in the air – because no one knows how long we will be in this state for or what will happen tomorrow. So how do you find clarity and direction amongst this chaos?

If you find yourself yearning to help with the current crisis, you’re in the right place! I’ve tried to compile as many international organisations and initiatives helping with the current situation as I could find.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

As more people are working from home these days – to prevent the spread of COVID-19, I want to share my secret to staying productive when working from home. I’ve worked from home for years now and guess what is the biggest secret to productivity when doing that? Getting dressed!

Practising gratitude on a regular basis has changed my life. Let me tell you why and how you can start incorporating it into your daily routine.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like to share something for next week’s issue, here’s the submission form!! Bookmark that and add anything you’d like to share in there 🙂

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