August 25: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 73

In Partnership with my Self-Worth Strengthening Affirmations and Gratitude Prompts

This week’s issue makes me so happy, there are so many incredible reasons to celebrate women in the community! 🥰

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Celebrations 🥂🎉

Rozeri wrote a plugin for Huawei mobile services at HMS team 🎉!

In her own words:

“My birthday is 27th august l will be turning into 27. I also started to work at Huawei mobile services in the past months. This month l successfully managed to publish an in-app purchase of react-native plugin for Huawei mobile services 🎉 Finally, this is my 5th year at a mobile application development platform as a software engineer and it is sooo great 🎈🎊💥🎉!”

Pauline hit over 200+ downloads of her new podcast!

In her own words:

“My latest episode is all about prioritising self-care especially in a world that is always go-go-go! I only released my podcast, where I share some of my thoughts around tech, health, relationships and becoming your best self, earlier this month but reached a personal milestone in under a month! I’m pretty proud of myself :).”

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My health and wellness journey is a really special one to me. Everybody talks about growth and development that always relates back to some achievement at work. Whenever the topic of growth comes up, the first thing that pops up in my head is actually my health journey. Prioritising my health and self-care is the foundation of self-development for me. Knowing I can go from unable to lift 2kg without struggling to now lifting my body weight — that’s the definition of growth. If I can do that, I can do anythang with just a bit of effort and consistency 🔥 Here’s a few throwback photos from 2016 to today. My workout selfie evolution and body changes over the years 👉🏼 I have gained weight since my leanest (at 15% bf, now at 25%), and I’m OK with it. I talk about this more on my blog and recent podcast episode, but I guess I just got tired of exercising to get smaller. My goal now? To be the strong and confident woman little me always had potential to become. 🎙Podcast episode taking you all through the years of heath now up — find it on your favourite podcast apps! 📝 Blog post also up — I specifically focus on sustainability in my journey and moving away the “all or nothing” mindset. Here’s to another year of being overpowered ASF. 💪🏼 #pawgainz

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Kaylee and Ashley started a podcast called SisterCodes!

In Kaylee’s words:

“Ashley and I are two sisters who are women in tech … that have started our own podcast! It’s called SisterCodes and we talk about everything tech from new trends to the importance of diversity in STEM all from our perspectives as women in tech. You can find us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!”

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🎙NEW PODCAST ALERT 🎙 . . You read that right! After 6 months in quarantine @ashhcodes and I have finally decided to start a podcast called @sistercodes !! . . For those of you who don't already know Ashley is my sister and my best friend. We've been spending a ton of time in quarantine having long conversations about Covid and its impact on the tech industry, our jobs, our experiences and we thought we would share some of this with you! . . We are going to be talking about all things tech as well as the importance of diversity and reflecting on our experiences as women in tech. Please check us out on Spotify or Apple podcasts! Link in bio!!

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Samantha launched her YouTube channel!

In her own words:

“I just launched my YouTube channel with my first video “Top 5 tips on Becoming a Data Scientist”. Very excited about this and it is a huge step as I have never been the most confident person and glad to see how this is changing since starting to write.”

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A sneak peak to new branding for YouTube launch ➡️. Taking the initiative to do the designs myself with adobe creative cloud (we can do this). Something I didn't consider is the limitations given my low spec GPU. I initially did the video in 4k and it broke my CPU 😅. So now I am working on my husband's PC, my real life superhero… how is everyone doing? I thought I would be done soon but I keep getting distracted by shiny things.

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Sundas published her First Day at Google video!

In her own words:

“First Day at Google experience video is up on YouTube on my channel.”

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Happy Friday! Yesterday, I hosted my first #IAmRemarkable workshop at Google 🥰 I was pretty nervous but it turned out so good and emotional that there were tears. There is something magical about being in a safe circle that makes people open up and pour hearts out ❤️ It makes me so happy and satisfied that I can enable a safe space for others to be vulnerable. Do you have a safe circle where you feel comfortable sharing without the fear of being judged? Bonus: tag people in your safe space if they are on IG. 📸: pic from back when we were in office. PS. New YouTube video is up, watch it at 🎥 Link in bio @sundaskhalidd

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Sonia started her official IG for her series Tuesday Tech Talk!

In her own words:

“I have always loved tech and entertainment. I aspire to one day have a series on TV where I share the latest tips and tricks for tech. This IG is just the beginning of my future goals!”

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Tuesday Tech Talk #1 💕 learn how to turn a photo into a PDF using the notes app on your iPhone!

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