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Could You be Exposing Yourself to Risks by Sharing on Social Media? Interview with Caroline HsuSocia

Social media has made sharing information about our lives so easy and natural. However, could we be oversharing and putting ourselves at risk by exposing our PII (Personal Identifiable Information)? Listen to our conversation with Caroline to see how you can stay safe online and protect your privacy.

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Caroline Hsu is a technologist and ethicist who investigates how identity shapes online experiences. She cares deeply about how these experiences can move people to co-create a more socially responsible, human-centered future of technology.

Her experience spans sales engineering and solution architecture for Fortune 500 clients and she holds a degree in philosophy from Bryn Mawr College, with additional studies in economics and tech ethics.

Caroline is co-founder of Cyber Collective, which empowers people to think critically about their relationship with the internet while helping them become more private and secure online.

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How much do you share on your social media?


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