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February 23: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 99

You know what time it is – it’s time to celebrate some incredible women in tech! 🥰

If you’d like to submit anything for next week’s issue, please do so using the submission form at the bottom of this post.

Celebrations 🥂🎉

Lola was featured in The Wall Street Journal as an influential woman in tech!

Lola says:

Me and two other techies were featured as changing the narrative of women in tech. I talked about how social media & fashion are helping women in tech combat stereotypes.

Teresa celebrated her 1 year job anniversary!

Teresa says:

1. This is my first real job after my PhD, I got it as a permanent contract in the middle of covid pandemic

Kayla’s song about the Perseverance rover landing on Mars got featured on the News!

This is so cool, Kayla! What a wonderful way to inspire girls and women out there to get more involved with space exploration! When science and art combine amazing things happen, thank you for creating ❤️

Elisabeth started a new job at Nintendo!

Congratulations, Elizabeth! This is so awesome and seems like the greatest fit 🥰 I hope this job is everything you wanted and more! And that your team enables you to grow, learn and work on so many awesome projects!

Faviola celebrated the launch of the world’s first VR App Store for healthcare – with her company’s software in there!

Congratulations on this huge milestone, dear! So proud of you, as always 🥰 For anyone who isn’t familiar with Faviola’s baby, NeuroReality, it combines VR, gamification and neuroscience for innovative, digital brain rehabilitation. Changing the world one day at a time!

Natalie has revealed the title and the cover of her book, “Built to Belong”!

This is so exciting, Natalie! Congratulations!! Can’t wait to read this book, you’ve been such an incredible role model and inspiration for me and many others ❤️

Learning how to code is a challenge and requires a lot of trial and error – which means that our confidence may suffer. So here are some exercises that will help you reflect on what you’re learning and your progress, helping you build confidence!

Resources 👩‍💻

Mayuko talks about the toxic hustle culture! I 100% agree with her 😉

Bukola talks about 4 foundational Data Structures you need to know as a developer.

A day in Lena’s life as a software engineer in NYC – with explanations of what she does on a regular basis!

Tanya shares her advice on how to structure and what to include in a UX design portfolio – and shares hers!

Successful people are intentional about building habits that enable them to perform + take care of their bodies and minds. In fact, we can see patterns of the same habits, rituals, and routines – so let’s use this information to our advantage and create great habits ourselves!

Steps I’d recommend anyone to take when creating their personal brand – in fact, I’m doing it along with you in this video for myself! We’re covering a lot of stuff: from laying foundations of your brand and talking about who is your target audience – to setting your brand’s core values and visualizing them with your branding elements such as color scheme, fonts, logo, etc.


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