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Gender Pay Gap in Technology Still Exists in 2020

Thank you, Dice, for sponsoring this post and for creating such an insightful Gender Pay Gap In Tech report!

Welcome to 2020, the year when humanoid robots and self-driving cars are a reality – and yet, women are still earning less than men. How is this still a reality? Unfortunately, research shows a significant Gender Pay Gap and I want to share some shocking statistics to demonstrate this.

All of this information comes from the Gender Pay Gap in Tech Report by Dice, which has incredibly insightful research and numbers. Dice is a leading tech career hub connecting employers with skilled technology professionals and providing tech professionals with career opportunities, data, insights and advice. Download the Gender Pay Gap in Tech Report to learn more!

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You’ve probably heard that women earn 80 cents on every dollar a man earns. That is very general information and feels a little removed – at least for me. However, I’m about to share some very real data per occupation and location in the US, proving that the Gender Gap is still there.

It can be depressing, but I want you to look at it from an empowered perspective: we can change this situation, one woman at a time! It always starts with understanding the data and the actual picture.

1. The Highest Gender Pay Gap per Occupation – Top 10

Let’s start with the Gender Pay Gap per occupation, as that’s a great illustration of the issue at hand. Note that the following numbers are controlling for years of experience, education level and location.

The highest Gender Pay Gap is as high as $13k for the role of Data Architect – which is absolutely ridiculous! Data Scientists and Software engineers make 90 and 91 cents on a dollar respectively.

These are only top 10 values, however, learn more from the Dice Gender Pay Gap in Tech Report.

2. The Highest Gender Pay Gaps per State – Top 10

It doesn’t get better when you look at a similar breakdown per state – bare in mind that this data controls for education, experience and occupation.

* Sample size less than 40 respondents, therefore, not statistically valid, but presented for continuity purposes only

As you can see, the situation isn’t much better here either – with Utah leading the state Gender Gap category with $16,871… Of all the featured states, Minnesota is the only one with a positive differential, meaning that women make more than men. While the gap is certainly less significant than other featured states, that $3,929 represents a change from the national status quo that negatively impacts many female technologists

3. Salary and Benefits Satisfaction

There are some other really interesting statistics in the report, which I’ve decided to present in the form of an infographic. Enjoy!

Did these numbers surprise you? Which ones stood out the most?

I believe that this is a systemic issue that needs to be dealt with by companies from within and also by candidates themselves. And the best way to do that is to find allies and communities that will help you benchmark what you should be earning and how you can negotiate up. Knowledge brings us power!

Start by learning more about the issue by reading the full Gender Pay Gap in Tech Report by Dice and watch out for a blog post + video from me on some powerful negotiation techniques!

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