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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Coffee Lover in Your Life

Some gift ideas in case if your loved one enjoys their coffee! As a coffee lover myself, these are some of the items that I own myself or that are on my wish list. Find holiday present inspiration for your loved ones or treat yourself if you identify as a bit of a coffee snob yourself 😉

Some of the links below are affiliate, which means that I’ll get a small commission if you purchase products through them. It will not cost you anything extra. Thank you for supporting my blog!

Coffee making tools:

The more I get into coffee, the more I understand that pour-over coffee is an art form. Controlling for variables like the ratio of beans to water, temperature of the water, how quickly you pour it – all of them affect the final result. So here are some of the tools I use myself.

Chemex – a must for any coffee lover

Not only does it make great coffee, but it also looks so beautiful! You can get it in different sizes – serving various numbers of cups, and I think there are slightly different designs too. I love the classic look and mine is slightly bigger for when Covid ends and we can host friends for brunches.

Save money and the planet with one purchase 😉 I’ve been using this filter for a few months now and I love it! Rinse it out and dry it after every use and boil it every month or so for deeper cleaning. Perfect eco-friendly gift for your coffee-loving friends!

Gooseneck kettle – for better pouring

Upgrade to one of these kettles to control the stream as you pour water into your coffee grounds. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back: I’ve tried making pour over with regular kettles and the water stream wasn’t as steady + the process wasn’t as enjoyable.

Another feature that I recommend looking for in a kettle is the ability to set the exact temperature. Your coffee will bloom (release CO2) the best when your water is between 190-205 °F or 90.5-96 °C. I’ve been using this kettle for a few years now and I couldn’t recommend it more:

It also comes in a variety of other colours and I’m obsessed with how beautiful it is.

Burr grinder – to control how fine the grounds are

Burr grinders work best for pour-over coffee as they help you control how fine the grinds are. Other grinders simply don’t do as good of a job. So if you want to upgrade your friend’s (or your own) coffee game, get a burr grinder.

This grinder has been in my wish list for a while as I’ve found that electrical burr grinders are pretty messy due to static electricity. Grounds get stuck everywhere and you need to get them out with a little brush. We currently use my mother-in-law’s old one, but I’m hoping to upgrade to this manual one in the future.

It has really great reviews and apparently makes the manual process much faster due to how it has been engineered.

A scale – to maintain the bean to water ratio

A must for controlling that bean to water ratio! Weigh your beans before grinding them and then pour the water while your vessel is on a scale. This is the scale I’ve been using for years now!

Vacuum containers for coffee – to keep those beans fresh

Best coffee comes from fresh beans – and these stylish babies will help prolong your beans’ freshness with the power of vacuum.

To serve:

Make your friend (or yourself) feel like a coffee pro with these beautiful double-wall ceramic mugs. They will keep your coffee warm, while not burning your hands.

For that friend who spends a lot of time in the car – these thermos mugs will not only preserve the temperature, but they’ve also been designed to enhance your sensory experience of the drink.

I hope this gave you some ideas of what to gift your coffee-loving friends!


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