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Holiday Gift Guide: STEM Presents for Girls

If you’re hoping to introduce the little girls in your life to STEM fields, here are some gift ideas for you! These kits teach children Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical principles with experiments, fun challenges and by letting their imagination run wild! Find the perfect STEM present below:

ImagiCharm Smart Accessories

You can program ImagiCharm to look different every day – making learning how to code fun and showing real-life examples of what you can do with technical skills!

Image: ImagiCharm

Makey Makey kit

A simple kit that will help that girl’s creativity run wild: you can build so many different things using it, from a banana piano to your own video game controller!

Image: Amazon

Tinker Crate Ultimate Pack

You can build so many awesome things using this pack: from a walking robot to a glowing pendulum. Making January the most exciting month yet!

Image: KiwiCo

Elenco Snap Circuits

Learn by doing: this kit allows your child to build up to 100 different projects, learning all about the basics of electronics along the way!

Image: Amazon

My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment Kit

Build a colour-changing volcano with your young scientist using this kit, get them excited about chemistry and the cool things you can create with it!

Image: Amazon

ThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic Game

This STEM board game teaches programming logic through play – and comes with multilevel challenges, making sure that your child is entertained and learning for a while 😉

Image: Amazon

Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit

Something that I wish I got for Christmas as a child: this kit lets you grow 7 different types of crystals!

Image: Amazon

Learn & Climb Kids Science Kit

Another exciting kit for your little scientist: this one allows you to create over 60 experiments and get creative with science!

Image: Amazon

Foundation Chemistry Kit

This kit will help your child learn chemistry foundations while carrying out practical experiments: up to 19 of them!

Image: Amazon

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

Turn your child into a little inventor: with this kit they will be able to turn their possessions into robotic devices!

Image: Amazon

Sphero Specdrums

Turn anything into a music instrument with this toy: and to level up, your little musician will be able to do some basic programming!

Image: Amazon

Sphero BOLT

Get your child excited about programming with this awesome robot: not only can you program its movements, but also the colours on it!

Image: Amazon

I hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration for STEM gifts for the little girls in your life!

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