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How to Create a Maternity / Parental Leave Policy at Your Company - with Ashly Stewart

Maternity or Parental leave policy shouldn't be seen as just a benefit. It's a necessity for companies who treat their employees as humans with lives. Unfortunately, it can still be overlooked, especially in the US. My guest today, Ashly Stewart, has successfully created a policy at her company from zero - so I've asked her a few questions about that process and her recommendations for others who want to do the same.

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Ashly Stewart dreamed of being either a college professor or a manuscript editor at a big publishing house. Thankfully, reality has allowed her to do a little bit of everything with writing and editing over the past 10 years. She's been an Adjunct Instructor teaching English, a Copywriter in tech, a Creative Director in Healthcare, and a few other fun roles. She publishes poetry and lifestyle articles, and while she continues to dig deep for the discipline needed for novel-writing, she entertains herself with dance-offs with her boys (husband, 3-month old, and puppy), fried chicken, and 90's R&B.

Watch the podcast here:

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