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How to Find Clarity Among COVID-19 Chaos – and Support Your Community

We live in very strange and disorienting times. Everyone’s daily routines have been changed drastically and there’s so much uncertainty in the air – because no one knows how long we will be in this state for or what will happen tomorrow. So how do you find clarity and direction amongst this COVID-19 chaos?

Identify your Purpose

In times like this, when things seem cloudy and days merge into one, it’s very helpful to identify your specific purpose in all of this. It can be regarding you, your loved ones, your wider community or specific issues or problems in the world (and there are plenty to choose from, unfortunately). You decide what it is for you! If you’re struggling to figure that out, try out my free course on identifying your definition of success.

Identifying your purpose will give you a sense of direction and help you set goals. It will give you a sense of clarity and fulfilment – even if your days will all look the same.

How can you do that?

Think of what breaks your heart about the world right now the most – and what do you wish you could do about it. Or is there a problem that you would really like to solve? Again, it can be as close to you or as far away as you’d like – and doesn’t have to directly be about COVID-19, it should be whatever fires you up to act.

I’ve come up with some actionable ways you can do that – you can find the list of them below! Use it as a source of inspiration to come up with something that serves you, it can be one of them or something completely different and unique.

Once you’ve done some soul searching, write down your purpose statement. Try to make it actionable, specific and ambitious – and to keep it to one sentence.

Create a Plan of Action

When you understand your purpose, it’s time to act: set goals for yourself and work backwards from them to create an action plan! And the final step is implementation, start making this happen 🙂

Different Ways to Help During Covid-19

Here are some ideas on how you can help your community or the world in general:

1. Keep yourself and others accountable

Stay at home and follow WHO’s advice. Hopefully, you are already doing this and yes, this is the simplest way to help your community! And even though it doesn’t feel heroic, you are doing your part. Keeping your friends, family, colleagues and wider community accountable is also part of this!

2. Focus on yourself

Different people process things differently and sometimes you need to take time and create space for yourself. You don’t want to come out of this crisis feeling burnt out, so if you feel like you need to put on your oxygen mask first, focus on that. Reflect on what activities will help you work through this and do them. It can be anything from practicing mental health exercises, learning new skills, catching up on projects to redecorating your house or decluttering your wardrobe. Reflect on what feels right for you right now and do that.

3. Look out for your neighbours

If you’re able to help your neighbours with shopping or errands, do it! Especially if they are more vulnerable to the disease or are struggling in any way. Donate your time and money, while maintaining social distancing best practices.

4. Support local medical professionals who are helping with Covid-19

A lot of restaurants and communities have started initiatives on supporting medical staff or the military – professionals that are overstretched these days and are fighting on the frontlines of this battle. Search for those initiatives in your community or organise one yourself!

 5. Support small businesses

Times are tough, especially for small businesses who rely on their customers to survive. If you can order groceries or take out from your local small business, do it as much as possible. And if you’re looking for presents for your friends or family, opt for items or gift cards from small businesses. Your purchase will mean a ton to them, especially right now when it’s survival time.

6. Volunteer or donate to an initiative helping with COVID-19 relief

If you have time or money to spare, consider supporting an organisation or cause of your choice. There are a ton out there already, check out the list that I’m compiling (it will get updated regularly) to see if there’s anything that you would want to support/volunteer for! Get involved with the Initiatives/Organisations providing COVID-19 Relief

7. Start an initiative serving a cause you believe in

Here’s a fun challenge, start a charitable initiative of your own!

I hope that this strategy will help you have more clarity in your direction and feel fulfilled from the impact you have in your life or the life of others.

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