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How to Plan for 2021 – Preparing for Uncertainty

2020 has been nuts and if it has taught us anything – it was the need to be able to adapt. So as we’re making plans for 2021, I think it’s important to set flexible goals that will help you do that in case if life takes another twist or turn. Here’s my methodology for how you can plan for 2021 the smart way.

1. Reflect on 2020

One of the most important steps when planning anything is to reflect on what you have done before and identify your learnings from it. So let’s start with reflecting on 2020, answer the following questions:

  1. How was your 2020 overall? What have you done or you achieved? What are you proud of yourself for?

  2. How did you have to adapt to this year and the changes it has brought?

  3. What has worked? And hasn’t worked? What would you do differently if you had to re-do it?

  4. What motivated you in 2020? And has held you back?

  5. What have you learned from 2020? How has it impacted your world view and priorities?

  6. What or Who are you grateful for in 2020?

Join my 3-Day Reflection Challenge to do a deeper reflection! Click on the image below to sing up:

2. Apply 2020 learnings for your 2021 plan

Let’s continue with this reflection, thinking forward:

  1. What are you going to do differently in 2021?

  2. Where do you want to be this time next year? Describe as many details as possible, thinking of your personal life and career.

  3. Pick 3 areas of your life that you want to focus on in 2021

  4. For every area listed about, set a feeling goal – how do you want to feel in that area this time next year?

I love that methodology for setting goals as I think it’s much more sustainable and allows us to adapt to external circumstances. This way you’re not attaching your success and the feeling of self-worth to an achievement, but to an end result that can be reached in multiple different ways. Learn more from the YouTube video above!

I use this technique a lot in my course, Define What Success Means to You – helping all of the students set sustainable and meaningful goals. I think it’s wonderful.

3. Creating your action plan for 2021

It’s time to plan out how you’re going to achieve those goal feelings!

  1. For every area of focus in 2021, brainstorm how you’re going to achieve the goal feelings you’ve set for yourself.

  2. Pick 1 way of achieving the goal feeling per area (you’re probably leaning towards that winner already).

  3. Break it down into small steps.

  4. Start on those steps before 2020 ends!

It’s important to break down your goals into bite-sized steps as it helps you get over the fear of that big ambitious thing. It can paralyze you and that will result in you not ever moving towards your goal. Avoid paralysis by focusing on the next steps!

And the reason why I’m encouraging you to start before the year ends is because this way you relieve some of the pressure you’re putting on yourself in January. Just start already, you don’t have to wait for a calendar year to change to start making progress towards a meaningful goal!

I hope this framework was helpful, let me know what you think in the comments.


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