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How To: Transition Back to the Office

Have you been working from home because of the pandemic and now have to go back into your office? Are you worried about this transition and wondering how best to prepare? Here are 5 tips for starting to work in your office again after working from home during the pandemic!

1.Routine is key

You have likely made a new routine for working from home. Is there anything about that routine you would like to have in your working in office routine? For example, I’ve actually been waking up earlier than I have to so I can read and relax in the morning. Now that I’m back in the office, I’m still getting up earlier than I need to!

2. Gradually increase the days you work in office

Ask your boss if you can start slow going back into the office. Can you just go in one day a week, and the following week two days, and so on? This will make the adjustment easier.

3. Make your office comfortable

Think of specific elements that you enjoyed working from home. Are there any elements that you could apply to your office now? If you loved being able to drape a soft blanket across your lap while working from home, consider bringing a blanket into the office!

4. Be gentle and patient with yourself

Things are not going to go perfectly, just like with anything else. Don’t expect too much from yourself too soon. With time, you’ll adjust to working in the office, just as you adjusted to working from home.

5. Focus on the positives of being in the office

We all found out that some parts of our work were more difficult when working from home. Maybe you actually miss your morning commute because you would always blast your favorite music. Maybe you’ve been struggling to set a firm boundary between home and work space. What opportunities will you have that you didn’t while working from home?

Follow these great five tips to have a smooth transition from working at home to in the office. Let us know in the comments what else you would add to this list! And share this with anyone you know who’s dreading going back to the office!


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