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Improve your Leadership Skills using these Simple Tricks

Becoming a better leader is so important nowadays. Leadership skills are essential for anyone working today, regardless of field or position… Why? Because being a leader is so much more than just being in a management position in a big company. It is a way we interact with our surroundings, the way we move through the world of business. You don’t have to hold an official leadership title to exhibit leadership traits or to benefit from them. How?

Well, these are the ideas I’ve been contemplating, so I decided to talk to an expert, and I turned to Danielle Dannenberg.


Danielle is a wonderful person, who knows a thing or two about Leadership. She is in charge of growth and strategy at Leadership Camp and is also a Principal at the MergeLane Venture Fund (which focuses on women-led startups). We talked about what it means to be a leader, why it’s important, and what exactly are leadership skills. She also shared some awesome tools and exercises that can help you become a better leader today! We even tried some of them out in the video, and they are not only useful but fun to do, too!


Simply put, it’s just a person’s ability to achieve your goals by creating what you want and what you in your surroundings, making them work for you. Many people think leadership is getting others to do your bidding, but that’s a misconception. It’s about inspiring those around you and guiding them to create and realize a common vision. And you can do that regardless of the position you hold at your job. You don’t need to be a boss to be an inspiration (but you do need to be an inspiration if you already are a boss :D). Anyone can benefit from developing leadership skills, and if you do, it’s not just you benefiting, it’s your team, your coworkers and the company you work in, too.


Start with yourself first. A lot of people make the mistake of going the other way around, confusing managing people with leadership.

Firstly, ask yourself: Why would people follow you, and should they? And then first work towards creating a reality where the answer to the question is: “Yes, they should because I have value to offer.” To be a good leader, you must be a conscious leader, so first get to know yourself and work on improving yourself first. Start with understanding your motivations and desires, before you can hope to motivate others…

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

Secondly, there are a lot of different exercises that you can implement to help you better yourself and improve your leadership skills. Danielle showed me how to do a presencing exercise and we talked about unarguable speech and how to use it. Doing these exercises, I’ve noticed they are also very relaxing and can help you express yourself better in any situation. This is what makes leadership skills, and the tools to practice them, so useful in today’s society, and so ubiquitously desirable to have.


One thing Danielle and I also discussed is empowering women, especially in tech, and how leadership skills can help. A lot of women in business and especially male-dominated fields could benefit highly from working on becoming better leaders, to help them carve out a place for themselves in the industry. And, as empowering women is something both Danielle and I deeply care about, we couldn’t end the interview without broaching the subject. Of course, the brilliant Danielle had some wonderful insights, beautifully summed up in – be curious and honour yourself!


Danielle and I had a great time during this conversation, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time watching. You can do the exercises with us, as I did them with her, and you’ll get to hear a lot more details about implementing specific tricks to improve your leadership skills and make the most of it. So, are you ready to become better leaders today? Then watch my interview with amazing Danielle and check out the list of additional resources below.

Of course, make sure you also share your thoughts and ideas in the comments! ✨?‍?


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