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July 21: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 68

How is it almost the end of July? This year has been so bizarre, raw, eye-opening, priority shifting, beautiful, painful, emotional, etc. And yet it feels like it should be March or something? Maybe it’s just me!

This week’s issue is yet another reminder of how amazing Women in Tech are ❤️ There are so many badass achievements in here and also some awesome resources!

If you’d like to submit anything for next week’s issue, please do so using the submission form at the bottom of this post.

Featured Woman 👩‍💻

Thais Sadami

Thais is passionate about technology because of all of the opportunities it brings us! She is an iOS developer who has initially started with design and eventually transferred into programming. On her social media, she shares her journey, insights and tips that will be invaluable for anyone looking to grow their career in tech!

Celebrations 🥂🎉

Ashley graduated from college and got a 1st for her senior dissertation!

In her own words:

“I just graduated from the University of St Andrews with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science with honours and got a 1st class grade on my senior dissertation! For my dissertation, I created a personalized reflective phone application that encourages positive engagement in educational scenarios. During my time at university, I founded a society called Women in Computer Science at St Andrews (WICS for short!) because I experienced sexism in my classes and wanted to create an encouraging, positive space for women in my major 😊. Later this fall I’m starting a SE job at a bank in Scotland!”

Hi everyone!! I am almost at 1k (😮) so I thought I would introduce myself to everyone that's new here! My name is Ashley, I'm a recent compsci graduate from @uniofstandrews, web designer, and entrepeneur! First and foremost, I am a proud Asian-American woman in tech 👩🏻‍💻❤. I am Founder and was president of Women in CS at St Andrews (@standrewswomenincs) for over a year and I founded the society because I experienced sexism in my classes and wanted to create an encouraging, positive space for women in tech! I own my personal web, graphic, and logo design business and an Etsy shop (studiobyashley) where I sell #womenintech merch! 💻 Now that I've graduated I'm super excited to focus more on my IG, blog, and Etsy shop! Looking forward to all the new career adventures to come and thank you all for joining me on my journey! 😊 Also, huge shoutout to my sister @justacoderthing for taking this headshot for me!! 💚

A post shared by Ashley // Software Engineer (@ashhcodes) on Jul 19, 2020 at 11:06am PDT

Andrea is celebrating her birthday and a permanent position as a Machine Learning Engineer!

In her own words:

“Accomplished 6 month probation period and I am officially a Machine Learning Engineer. One year of hard work working towards this dreamed position!”

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! Spent the day in the nature and riding my bike. Could almost say that it feels like my birthday everyday like this 😅⁣ ⁣ Celebrating achievements. This month I became a permanent Machine Learning Employee after finishing my probationary period. Couldn’t ask for more this year and looking forward to see what the next year has to offer me. ⁣ ⁣ Thank you all for inspiring and encouraging me to make content. I would never be where I am now if it wasn’t because you supported me all way long.⁣ ⁣ Cheers and I hope you are all having a nice week! ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #code #programming #developer #coding #tensorflow #programmer #pytorch #ai #womenintech #softwaredeveloper #girlswhocode #devlife #summer #artificialintelligence #stemgirls #stemeducation #computervision #womeninstem #deeplearning #womeninai #lithuania #vilnius #datascientist #neuralnetworks #datascience #workhardanywhere #codinglife #dataanalytics #machinelearning

A post shared by Machine Learning Engineer (@ai.coding) on Jul 20, 2020 at 12:01pm PDT

Faviola has officially launched her company, NeuroReality!

After 3 years of hard work, the company is launching its Beta version in August! It is virtual reality-based telehealth and diagnostic tool for acquired brain injury combining neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and gamification.

This is super exciting and we are all so proud of you, Faviola!! Hard work, determination and vision always pay off for those who are determined to make their dream happen and you are the perfect example of that. Thank you for inspiring us and keep making your dreams a reality!

After 3 hard years of work, I’m excited to “officially” introduce you to my company NeuroReality (@neuro_vr)!🧠🥳 We will be launching the BETA version of our software Koj’s Quest in August! A virtual reality-based telehealth and diagnostic tool for acquired brain injury combining neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and gamification. I truly believe what we’ve developed will help so many people around the world… But now we need your help!🙏 Like many small businesses, we have been doing our best to get through the COVID-19 crisis and be as creative as possible. This has unfortunately meant funding delays for both research and development☹️… So my team and I decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign!🚀 (See link in bio⬆️) Specifically, the funds will be used for: •Further product development, user testing, and refinement •Clinical testing with those who have an acquired brain injury, other patient groups with cognitive impairment, and healthy controls •Building awareness about the importance and impact of telehealth Sharing is caring! Even if you can’t donate, please spread the love by sharing this post.♥️ And every little bit helps (even $5!)! During this crisis we have really seen telehealth take off and have been approached by many healthcare providers (from pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, kidney dialysis, and post-ICU syndrome) who would like to use our software, but we still need to finish our clinical version and that takes 🤑and 😅. Hospitals are struggling with resources and an ability to provide care to many of their patients 🏥. Digital healthcare solutions like Koji’s Quest allow you to get better from the comfort of your own home 🏡, making better use of everyone’s valuable time and resources! • • • #telehealth #vr #virtualreality #ai #remotecare #crowdfunding #sharingiscaring #stem #gamification #medtech

A post shared by Faviola Dadis (@neurosciencebarbie) on Jul 16, 2020 at 6:48am PDT

Rhiannon has submitted her PhD thesis!

Which in Australia basically means that she is done with her PhD studying cancer and haematology!

Congratulations, Rhiannon!! It must feel amazing and I bet you can’t wait to share your expertise with the world and make an incredible impact like only you can ❤️ We are all rooting for you and are very excited to see where this next chapter takes you!

I SUBMITTED MY PHD THESIS! . In Australia this means I am DONE (sorta)! Other than receiving my final comments from my thesis examiners and making any corrections required, I am PhDone!! . . It’s been a crazy time writing my thesis and generally throughout the PhD but here we are! . . I’ve been reflecting on some of the highlights of my PhD and looking back on the work I have done and I wanted to celebrate that so here’s some of my highlights! . . Many hours at the Australian Synchrotron (I love it there), beautiful crystals, a lot of diffraction and 14 protein structures solved! . Submitting our review article in 2018. Having over 40 citations on that article already, making it one of the top downloaded for the journal in 2019. In addition we also got the cover of the journal issue which was really special as this was my first ever paper published! . Conferences have been a massive highlight also. I have made so many new friends through conferences and had so many great experiences. One great conference is Lorne proteins, and I won a poster prize this year for that. Another great memory was organizing a student conference and making new friends with people in the precinct and then also presenting my work in a talk outside of my institute for the first time. . I’m not sure this is necessarily part of my PhD but my science communication journey has been really fun, in part because I’ve made some incredible friends from it and if nothing else a very fun way to document the last few years, and I also won an award at my institute which was a great way to end 2019. . Another highlight was being able to present my work to the whole institute for my completion seminar which was very scary but a great experience and I got a lot of wonderful feedback about it! . And then of course today, submitting my PhD thesis! What a crazy feeling it is to be submitting this baby after spending so many years working on these projects. Although my PhD is done, I still have lab work to wrap up so it’s not all over yet. . . Because I’m in iso I can’t celebrate with my friends as planned, so I’m celebrating by myself here today!

A post shared by Rhiannon (She/Her) | Scientist (@scientist_rhi) on Jul 15, 2020 at 12:02pm PDT

Katie has finished her book!

The book is called The End of Everything and is available for pre-order (

Congratulations, Katie!! That’s incredibly exciting 🥰 holding your own book must be the best feeling and you are amazing for doing all of that research and all of that work! So proud of you and can’t wait to read it!

A post shared by Katie Mack (@astrokatiemack) on Jul 15, 2020 at 11:53am PDT

Sundas celebrated her birthday!

Happy Birthday, Sundas! I hope you’ve has a wonderful celebration with your loved ones ❤️ Wishing you a ton of fulfilment in this new year of your life as well as lots of precious and meaningful moments – keep on killing it girl!

A post shared by Sundas | Breaking Stereotypes (@sundaskhalidd) on Jul 19, 2020 at 8:16am PDT

We’ve all experienced it: that nagging feeling that you’re a fraud and don’t deserve to be where you are – no matter how qualified you are! Let me help you get out of that state with a new perspective on imposter syndrome and some powerful affirmations to overcome it. Download the affirmations for FREE here!

Resources 👩‍💻

Maya says:

“Negotiation is important however a lot of minorities don’t do it. They are scared their offer might be revoked or they will seem greedy. In this video, a technical recruiter states why negotiation is important and how to do it successfully!”

A super handy Free Guide helping you build your brand, pitch yourself and deliver your dream interview.

With Grad students needing to start applying for Graduate Jobs & Schemes soon, Temi shares her tips on how to get onto a competitive graduate scheme based on her experience.

There are tons of career opportunities in tech, with new ones being added every day -which is awesome! However, it can be a bit overwhelming when making a decision about which path to choose: in terms of education and professionally. The same goes for those trying to make a career switch – how do you make that important decision? Here’s my framework for that process!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like to share something for next week’s issue, here’s the submission form!! Bookmark that and add anything you’d like to share in there 🙂

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