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March 30: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 104

In partnership with the Stereotype Breakers Discord Community

Happy Tuesday! Can you believe that Q1 is almost over? I can't and I'm excited/slightly terrified to do a Q1 review 🙈 Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels that way!

It looks like the ladies in today's issue of Women in Tech Weekly have been crushing their Q1 goals, I can't wait to celebrate them with you! 🥰

If you'd like to submit anything for next week's issue, please do so using the submission form at the bottom of this post.

Celebrations 🥂🎉

Kajal is celebrating reaching 1250 subscribers on YouTube!

Kajal says:

Through my youtube channel, I share content about working and robotics. The channel has videos with tips on job search, robotics tutorials and interviews with working professionals.

Naima started teaching young girls about tech!

Naima says:

I started a tech talk Tuesday where I give young girls bite-sized information on different tech topics and mentor them.

Nia says:

As an Afro-Latina self-taught programmer and incoming NASA Software Engineer, I understand the importance and necessity of representation. I’ve partnered with Black Girls CODE to create the ‘Black Girls CODE the Future’ coloring book to inspire and empower young women of color with illustrations where they can see themselves reflected. To learn more about me and my inspiration for this coloring book, check out this link. Here's the link to the coloring book I'd LOVE if you checked it out!

Iria celebrated her book launch!

Iria says:

I started a book series on Teaching Toddlers Tech

Faviola was featured in Forbes as one of the European role models for Women in STEM!

Congratulations, girl! So unbelievably proud of you, this is so well-deserved! Keep on killing it and inspiring us along the way 🥰

Stephanie accepted a new role as a Threat Response Subject Matter Expert (SME) Lead at Tanium!

Yesss you go, queen! So excited for this new chapter in your career and for all of the girls you will inspire to get into cybersecurity 😍 Thank you for sharing your badass journey with us!

A place to connect, learn, grow and uplift each other as women in tech. Join the conversation and meet like-minded women who are excited to cheer you on!

Resources 👩‍💻

Naima says:

Should anyone be interested about software engineering, I teach what I know and provide mentoring

Nia says:

Representation is everything! The 'Black Girls CODE the Future' Coloring Book is an ode to inspiring young Black and Brown women in STEM. Unfortunately, a lot of women, particularly women of color, don't get the opportunity to see themselves as role models in the tech world. I wanted to challenge this narrative by highlighting 15 outstanding STEM pioneers and images of young girls/women engaged in various STEM activities.

Iria says:

Exploring tech through the eyes of a child. Teaching them how tech relates to our day-to-day activities.

You probably don't know who she is, but you will be surprised by the story of this Serbian math and physics, who was Albert Einstein's first wife. Mileva Marić was an intelligent, strong-minded woman. And we want to share a little bit of it all with you. So, if you liked the video and want to know more about it, follow this profile and share this story.

There are so many ways in which you can take your career when going into tech and it can be overwhelming, to say the least - which one should you pursue? Let’s look at some of the hottest tech career paths and what they entail so that you have a better idea of what feels right for you.

Looking back, there were so many things that I've learned during the 2 years that I've worked at Google, so I've decided to share them in this video!

Everyone has different circumstances and learning styles, so different types of coding schools and programs will work for different people. So I want to look at some of the things and variables you should keep in mind when committing to a coding course.


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