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May 25: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 112

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It's graduation season, and we are so happy and inspired by all the new ladies in tech who have surpassed a new milestone and finished their degrees! Find some of these celebrations below as well as some new resources for you this week! 🎉

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Celebrations 🥂

Kajal reached 1500 subscribers on YouTube!

Kajal says:

My youtube channel about robotics just reached 1500 subscribers.

Teresa is sending a new project to client!

Teresa says:

I started working on a project in January. After 5 months of setbacks, delays and paperwork, I optimised the chemistry and sent the target to the client

Christina and her husband moved to Spain to follow their dream of opening a personal training center!

Christina says:

I’m so glad that I have a job that I can do anywhere in the world. Being a developer at a company that treats me well means that I can do adventurous things like move to another country and open a business. It’s kind of crazy to open a personal training business during a pandemic but we went for it and I’m glad that we did!

Meriame graduated with a Master's of Research in Photonics!

What an amazing milestone to achieve and we can't wait to see how your PhD goes!

Juyoung graduated from college!

Congratulations Juyoung! We can't wait to see what you do next!

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Resources 👩‍💻

Sales gets a bad reputation, but it’s a vital skill for everyone in the modern-day world, yes, even you. In fact, when I realized how selling skills can be applied to our everyday lives, my career started growing exponentially. Let me tell you more and give you some tips on how to get better at it!

Dominique says:

Code Your Chances (CYC) is a nonprofit organization that teaches young girls the importance of computer science and the opportunities they can create for themselves by learning to code. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of female leaders in computer science and to address the gender imbalance in STEM fields. CYC focuses efforts on communities that have limited access to computer education in order to provide exposure to the many opportunities in tech fields.

Being a software engineering isn't all about learning to code! There are definitely had certain expectations, but once I got my first Full Stack Developer position, I got to experience the actual reality of Tech! Again these are just my opinions, but I hope you find them fun!

Mayuko Inoue is a content creator and Software Engineer. After working in Silicon Valley tech companies like Intuit, Patreon, and Netflix for six years as an iOS Engineer, she became a full-time creator in 2020. Her work aims to help people find their way through the tech industry by sharing her own experiences navigating this world through technology, career advice, and lifestyle videos. She is passionate about discussions around mental health, cultural identity, and creating technology with empathy and compassion.

Get hired as a developer , aka, software engineer! Here’s how!

In this video I talk about some of my favourite job boards when I'm looking for jobs and I show you how to use them. I hope those of you who are looking for jobs find this video useful!


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