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My Five Favourite Self-help Books

This post contains affiliate links to books I’ve read and would recommend to anyone 🙂

As I’ve already told you on Instagram, I have recently been on a self-help book binge! I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues ranging self-image insecurities to self-worth and they couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I would recommend them to anyone and have bought some of them for my friends already.

My definition of self-help is loose in some cases, but these books have helped me, so that’s why I’m including them here. Also, they’re not ranked in any way in the list below – they’ve all helped me in different ways. So let’s get straight to it: here are the books that I loved and how I’ve used them!

This book was recommended to me a while ago on Instagram when we were talking about morning routines under one of my posts. I finally got to it last fall while I was at a very low point of my self-esteem and it has changed my life!

Miracle morning gives you a toolset that you can use to start your day on a productive note and set the tone for it. It introduces powerful exercises like journaling, meditation and affirmations into your life, which, if done consistently, can really help you. I did the 30-day challenge addressing some of the issues that I had and I saw a significant boost in my confidence and mood! I’ll admit that I don’t do the whole routine on a regular basis, but now I understand the power behind those exercises and use them when I need them. I also saw the real effects of starting your day right.

I’d recommend this book to anyone seeking stability and motivation in their lives. It has really helped me get onto a positive trend and bring some mindful self-love.

This isn’t really a self-help book, but it has helped me very much. Michelle talks about her life from her childhood and reflects on some of the tiny details that ended up being very significant in shaping her life. It’s a very thoughtful and beautifully written book that makes you feel like you’re good friends with Michelle Obama (I listened to the audiobook and she reads it herself – so that has only amplified that sentiment).

Even the book’s title hints at it: we are constantly “becoming” someone new. Whether it’s personal or career changes, we are always on some sort of a path and every little detail affects it. I loved that reinforcement, especially since I’ve had moments of doubting my own path. Everything happens for a reason and we are the only ones who can take ownership of our paths and look at obstacles as opportunities. We can think of difficult times as moments of growth and moments of change. Even when sometimes it’s hard to see how this piece of a puzzle fits into the bigger picture.

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You might say: this definitely doesn’t sound like a self-help book! Well again, it has helped me 🙂

Tim Ferriss talks about his life hacks and how he has optimized his work process so that he can work for only 4 hours a week while making great money and travelling the world. Now, that might be your dream lifestyle or it might sound crazy, but this insane man has a lot of wisdom and tricks to share. He knows a thing or two about lifestyle design!

I didn’t agree with everything (I don’t want to outsource every aspect of my work because I enjoy it! And I like meeting new people), but I’ve cherry-picked some great nuggets. You will definitely find some interesting tips in there, so give this book a go.

I’m so in love with this book! I read it during very uncertain times and it helped me not only stay sane but also feel empowered by the upcoming changes (I’ll share those changes as soon as I can on my Instagram).

This book is perfect for anyone at any stage of their lives – and no matter what projects or goals they might have. I truly realised the power of this book when one of my already super badass friends called it “life-changing”. Before that, I thought it was just the impact it had on me, but it turns out many people feel the same way.

There are also other books by the author, for example, “You’re a Badass at Making Money” – which I’ve also read. It’s awesome and it targets our relationship with money. I’d recommend starting with “You’re a Badass” and then moving on to the other ones as it is more general and empowers you in many areas of life at the same time.

This was the most recent self-help book that I’ve read and I loved it. It’s a collection of Rachel Hollis’s stories and profound experiences along with her thoughts around them. Throughout the book, Rachel asks the difficult and uncomfortable questions, busts myths and generally makes you realize that life was never supposed to be easy. She shows you that life is hard work and you are the only one who can put in the hours and the effort to make the best of it.

Rachel is brutally honest even about the darkest times of her life – which helps the reader see that no matter how complicated their situation is, there’s always a way forward. I highly recommend this book to anyone – no matter what they’re struggling with.

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Have you read any of these books? And what are your favourite self-help books? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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