November 24: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 86

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Happy Tuesday! As we are entering a wonderful week filled with yummy food and gratitude, let’s celebrate these incredible women in the latest issue of Women in Tech Weekly! 🥰

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Celebrations 🥂🎉

Jackie is celebrating a major feature deployment to production!

In her own words:

“I built the support infrastructure and developed the features for a new data API, soon to be deployed to production. It was my first time designing and building a complex system alone :)”

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Natasha has achieved 2 of her goals!

In her own words:

“Got an internship that pays a really good wage doing Front-end development, on the same day I found out I got 90% on my most difficult Uni assignment yet!!! Hard work pays off 🥳”

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Magda has launched “Python Advent Calendar”!

In her own words:

“For the second year a row, I’m launching “Python Advent Calendar” with a focus on Data Science for beginners 🎉 There are GREAT prizes for participants who solve all 24 mini-tasks! Check it out!”

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Jillian has successfully defended her dissertation!

In her own words:

“I successfully defended my dissertation on music therapists who work with cancer patients without any edits!”

Steph bought a house!

Congratulations, Steph! This is such a huge milestone and we are all very proud of you! Enjoy every moment of making this place yours 🥰

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Sarah passed her PhD defence!

Yess you go girl! Super happy for you, what a journey it has been and we’re all excited to see what’s next for you! ❤️

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Kaylee celebrated her birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kaylee! May this year bring you exciting projects, fulfilment and lots of reasons to smile 🥰

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