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November 26: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 34

Welcome to another issue of Women in Tech Weekly, come and get your weekly dose of positivity and inspiration ?

This week, we have a lot of great news and reasons to celebrate! The women in the tech community never cease to amaze me and it’s such a joy to get to share their accomplishments here with you… Get motivated and learn from them and the resources they’re creating and sharing and next time, I hope I’ll see you on this list! Take a look at the submission form below ?

Featured Woman ?‍?

Lilly Seay

Lilly is an absolute badass and a software engineer turned entrepreneur. She is building her empire while living the digital nomad lifestyle and exploring the US from Airbnbs. She creates a ton of value and is a must-follow if you’re want to build your own tech company!

Celebrations ??

Christina did her first technical interview!

In her own words:

“I did a technical interview as a learning exercise. It was scary and awkward but I did it!”

I got my first web developer job! 👩🏼‍💻 There are a few really cool aspects about this job. The first is that I can work as much or as little as I want, whenever I want. I also don’t have to quit my full-time marketing job to do this job well. Now I’m learning and getting professional coding experience—and getting paid to do it. 😎 It’s also super affirming that they gave me this job at all. I did a lot of things that were outside of my comfort zone, like interviewing complete strangers to get advice and talking myself up to the head dev manager of my company. I felt really silly a lot of the time, and had (have) major impostor syndrome. It’s really rewarding to see all of those uncomfortable things pay off! So I guess I can officially call myself a developer now—I just need to get stickers for my laptop so everyone at the coffee shop knows too.

A post shared by Christina ( on Aug 19, 2019 at 8:56pm PDT

Magda built a traveler’s computer for data science?️✈️!

In her own words:

“I’ve just built an SFF (small form factor) computer for data science ??️ It is probably the lightest (below 5kg) PC with these specifications you’ve ever seen ❤️ This is a breakthrough in my digital nomad life ??‍?”

FINALLY! I've just built a SFF (small form factor) computer 🎉🖥️ It is probably the lightest (below 5kg) PC with this specifications you've ever seen ❤️ . This is a breakthrough in my digital nomad life since for the first time I don't have to give up training ML models on my machine or working on some other projects 💪 . Here are the specs: • CPU – AMD Ryzen 3700 • Motherboard – Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro WiFi • Memory – Crucial Ballistix Sport 2x16GB DDR4 3200 • GPU – INNO3D GeForce RTX 2060 Twin X2 • SSD – Samsung 960 Pro M.2 512GB • CPU Cooler – Noctua NH L9i • Case – NFC Skyreach 4 Mini • PSU – HDPlex 400W mounted brickless . What do you think? 😍 . . . 📸@digitalwandering #pc #pcsetup #pcbuild #sff #pcbuilding #pcsetup #custom #computers #computer #hardware #gigabyte #geforce #gpu #geek #geekgirl #digitalnomad #digitalnomadgirls #travelingprogrammer #polishgirl #coder #codergirl #womenwhocode #womenintech #techlife #techgirl #techinfluencer #developer #devgirl #pctravelers #gamingpc #supercomputer

A post shared by Magda | Data Scientist (@travelingprogrammer) on Nov 19, 2019 at 4:51am PST

Holly has been shortlisted for the #TechWomen100 awards!

In her own words:

“The Tech Women 100 awards celebrate the achievements of women in tech and work to create role models for the industry. I’ve been recognized for my work on projects such as Paint 3D, Xbox, and Cortana (my code is on over 800 million devices worldwide), as well as my women in tech advocacy work. To get to the top 100, I need your support in a public vote!

Beyond honored and humbled to have been shortlisted for the @watc_hq #TechWomen100 awards! 🌟 . I am listed alongside some of my friends and biggest role models. To get to the top 100, public voting is now open! This community inspires and motivates me daily to help others enter technology and push for gender equality in tech. I would really appreciate you taking less than a minute to vote for me with the link in my bio! ☑️ . My journey in technology has taken me across continents, taught me endlessly about myself, allowed me to write code for millions of people, and fueled my passion of helping others who want to be part of this transformative industry. Being in the top 100 would allow me to expand my impact and reach more people with my message that women can thrive in #STEM. ✨ . . . #herhelloworld #womenintech #girlswhocode #girlpower #womeninstem #girlboss #builtbygirls #dev_girls #engineergirls #womenempowerment #ilooklikeanengineer #stemsquad #microsoft #stemforfem #femalehustlers #womenwhoengineer #stemher #watc

A post shared by STEM•Career•Advocacy (@herhelloworld) on Nov 24, 2019 at 10:00am PST

Neha re-launched the Women Decode website!

In her own words:

Women Decode website is a place for me to share resources about data engineering, talk about women in tech and entrepreneurship 🙂 you can check it out at

A post shared by Neha | STEMinist (@womendecode) on Nov 20, 2019 at 4:05pm PST

Vishakha celebrated her birthday!

Happy Birthday, you absolute badass woman! Keep on being an inspiration for all of us and such a baddie in tech!!

A post shared by Vishakha 🏳️‍🌈🇮🇳 HTX (@vishakhamallya) on Nov 24, 2019 at 11:01am PST

Tracey’s baby, Bee & Kin, made the cover of Time Magazine!

Bee & Kin handbags were names one of the best 100 inventions of 2019!!

This is so huge, Tracey, you go girl! We’re all very proud of you and the way you’ve made your dream products a reality. And the fact that others recognize how fantastic your beautiful bags are ?

A post shared by Bee & Kin | Tech Handbags (@bee.and.kin) on Nov 21, 2019 at 7:33am PST

Tiffany has published an e-book!

Tiffany has published her e-book, “Things I Wish I Knew When Learning How to Code”!

Congratulations, girl, this is awesome! Hard work always pays off 🙂

A post shared by Tiffany, Tech & Lifestyle (@tiffintech) on Nov 20, 2019 at 10:25am PST

Resources ?‍?

Beginners Guide to Data Engineering – created and shared by Neha

Neha says:

“This is a blog with guidelines and resources for anyone interesting in getting into the data engineering field.”

Tiffany describes it this way:

“With so many resources out there to teach you how to code, navigating through the learning process can seem overwhelming. This ebook isn’t here to show you HOW to code (there are enough incredible resources out there for that!), and it isn’t just a little reference handbook either. It’s the best friend and mentor you can consult throughout every stage of your coding journey.”

How to Define what Success means to YOU – created and shared by me 🙂

Everybody in this world has a different definition of success and you deserve to define it for yourself. Only once you’re clear on that definition will you be able to start acting and creating a unique life and career path for yourself!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like to share something for next week’s issue, here’s the submission form!! Bookmark that and add anything you’d like to share in there ?

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