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Selen and Selen in Tech

Selen is a wonderful human and fellow entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to put herself out there! She inspires me with her fearlessness when it comes to different challenges and her passion for problem-solving. Follow her for a regular dose of positive and inspiring content!

Follow Selen on social media and learn about her story below!

About Selen

I’m a computer engineering student who loves math and solving problems. Geek, entrepreneur and book worm 🙂

How did you get into tech?

My story begins with the day I start computer science at university. I love tech so much because it’s always changing and surprises me with the new things, solves our daily problems and make our life much easier.

What languages/technologies do you have the most experience in?

Java, because of school.

What are you currently learning/practising?

I’m currently learning C and Swift.

What are your favourite resources to learn/stay updated on tech?

I love Product Hunt related to my entrepreneur life but as a developer, I love GeekforGeeks and StackOverFlow.

What would people learn about by following you?

They can see and learn from balancing between work life as an entrepreneur and a student life as a computer engineering student. I share resources, book recommendations to business and development.

What inspired you to start sharing your experiences on social media?

I want to encourage everyone who wants to go further beyond their limits. I want to be a role model for young girls in stem related fields and show them they can reach their dreams if they work hard enough.

How can we get in touch with you?

I always replay my emails, Dm’s. They can get in touch with me whenever they want.

Lightning round

iPhone or Android?


Dogs or cats?


What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


What’s the next place you want to travel to?

San Francisco 🙂

How many hours of sleep do you need to get to feel like yourself?


What is your superpower?

I can feel things sometimes before even happen.

I wonder what amazing things you would get up to when you travel to San Francisco, Selen! I’ll definitely watch out for that adventure on your social media ?

You can do so as well, follow Selen here:


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