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Simple Steps to Building a Powerful Personal Brand - with Kelly Brito

Let's talk about personal branding because that can be an overwhelming topic. Where does one start? How can you do it all? Behind the scenes vs. Curation?

I've chatted to Kelly Brito, the mastermind behind the Stereotype Breakers' new brand identity on the topic, and asked her some of the most burning questions about building a powerful, intentional personal brand.

Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and on YouTube.

Kelly started her business because her love for coding and web development, back in the MySpace and AOL days. While her clients came to her asking for a custom website, they had no logo, no choice of colors or fonts... They had no brand! And they actually assumed branding came with web design. This led Kelly to specialize in brand identity design, and then branding strategy, to better serve her audience, while educating them on what branding truly means.

In 2021, as the meaning of branding is once again lost in the internet noise, Kelly started Branding With Purpose. A design studio, a podcast, a course, and a branding movement!, where the mission is to educate and empower women who want to build a heartfelt brand that supports their unique positioning in the market. Learn more about Kelly and her work here:

Watch our interview here:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, friend!


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