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Start Your Work Week Strong

Are you wondering how to jump back into your work week easily and joyfully? Sometimes it can be hard to start out work week out strong. But we have the solution for you: grounding exercises.

Grounding exercises are a type of mindfulness based on being in the present moment. They can be used to prepare you for a great work week ahead. They can also be used when you’re stressed from work, or if you’re just trying to be more mindful. It can be used when you wake up, go to bed, when you’re eating, taking a walk, etc. You can even use this technique with a trusted family member or friend. For more on mindfulness, check out these apps. Let’s get into the grounding exercise!

1. Find the object you want to focus on.

It should be something positive, like a pretty plant, food, or a pet.

2. Be totally present with this object.

Nothing else matters right now. Not your deadlines, or that one co-worker who always gives you grief. All that matters is the present moment.

3. Go through each of your five senses.

List all the details you can about the touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight of the object you’re focusing on. You can do this out loud, in your head, or even write it down.

4. Check out this example.

I'm looking at this carrot. I can see that it's orange and mostly cylindrical. It has a slightly pointed end. I can see that it seems very smooth. I can smell the carrot and it smells vegetal but kind of comforting. I am touching the carrot and it's smooth and a little bit wet. The pointy end is not sharp but it does feel different from the rounder end. When I put the carrot down, it doesn't sound hollow. It sounds solid. When I bite the carrot, it makes a satisfying crunch. When I'm chewing, it sounds less and less crunchy the more I chew. The taste is sweet but vegetal. I can feel that it's a little wet on the outside. (go on and on until you can't think of any other details!)

5. Repeat as needed throughout your day.

That’s it! Just five simple steps to getting you ready for your work week. Use this technique whenever you need to take a little mindfulness break.


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