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UX Design: What is it and where to start

What is UX design? Why all over the sudden is it so big? And how can you get into the field?

As I’m going back to the good old text format, I’ve already made some videos about the subject. So prepare to get bombarded by my absolute must-see videos that will explain what it is, talk about some example, showcase some awesome UX designers and give you resources & next steps if you want to learn more/make a career change. Ready?

First of all, what is UX? Here’s an intro and some context:

To make sure you understand it even more, here’s an interview I did with Nick, who is an instructor at General Assembly and is so interesting to listen to!

This video is long, but if you’re considering a career switch, watch all of it. Seriously, there’s so much useful information/tips/examples/resources.

For people who are simply curious about UX design, here’s the time breakdown of the interview (links open YouTube in a new tab):

0:36 ➡️ What is UX for you?

2:29 ➡️ How did you get into UX?

4:38 ➡️ Can you walk me through the different stages of UX?

8:00 ➡️ What is the trickiest part of UX design?

10:40 ➡️ How do you normally approach translating research into wireframes?

14:50 ➡️ How do you approach user journey mapping?

18:43 ➡️ How do you design the same product for different users

22:42 ➡️ Would you say that UX follows different trends and therefore shapes consumer behaviour?

27:19 ➡️ Are there any requirements for someone who wants to do UX?

30:02 ➡️ What career paths are available for someone starting out in UX?

34:59 ➡️ Does one need a portfolio to get a UX job?

36:40 ➡️ How would you recommend people to build a portfolio?

39:45 ➡️ What would you recommend to people starting to learn about UX?

If you’d like to learn more about Nick’s work:

Nick’s website ➡️

And if you’re interested in what it’s like to be a freelance UX Designer, here’s Anfisa’s awesome story:

Follow Anfisa on Instagram:

I hope you’ve found those useful! This isn’t all of it, I have at least two more videos planned to come out soon which I’ll add to this list and to my UX playlist on YouTube. So stay tuned here or *TIPS AND TRICKS* – Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified when the new videos come out! 😉

Did you find the information you were looking for or do you still have UX-related questions? If so, ask them below in the comments!

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