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Vivian and Smiaris Dev

Vivian is a wonderful human with a ton of passion and determination. She is a Software Engineer who manages to combine her work with a PhD and volunteering! Personal development and growth are huge drivers for her and she is always seeking new ways to have an impact in this world. Follow this amazing girl to get a regular dose of inspiration!

Follow Vivian on social media and learn about her story below!

About Vivian

I am a 26-year-old software engineer living in Thessaloniki, Greece, working in the medical device industry as a Mobile Team Lead. I am also a PhD candidate at the University of Western Macedonia specialised in Software Engineering for Smart Cities. In my free time, I volunteer as a lead for Women Who Code Mobile.

How did you get into tech?

I come from a tech-oriented family so I’ve been in front of a computer since I was little. My dad was my biggest influence growing up to follow a career tech. What excites me about tech is the endless possibilities and industries you can work for and the feeling I get when I realise that anything is possible in tech and I can be part of it! I studied at a university Informatics and Telecommunication Engineering.

What languages/technologies do you have the most experience in?

I love mobile development. The most experience I have in Android development using Java.

What are you currently learning/practising?

I am currently learning Kotlin for Android development and Swift for iOS development.

What are your favourite resources to learn/stay updated on tech?

I really like Pluralsight and Udemy.

What would people learn about by following you?

People will learn about my experience in the tech industry in a corporate as well as in an academic environment. They will learn about events/webinars organised by Women Who Code Mobile as well as resources and information about tech-related topics, such as software architectures.

What inspired you to start sharing your experiences on social media?

What inspired me was the amazing and very supportive community of women in tech. I have found such great and inspiring people and I wanted to be part of that and share my knowledge and experience.

How can we get in touch with you?


Lightning round

iPhone or Android?


Dogs or cats?


What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


What’s the next place you want to travel to?

The US

How many hours of sleep do you need to get to feel like yourself?


What is your superpower?

Always excited about something.

Yes!! That is an amazing super power – and is especially helpful these days 🙂

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