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Wanda and Wanda the Brave

Wanda is awesome. She makes a conscious effort to challenge herself and to look her fear in the eyes – no matter how big or small it may be. She is on her way to becoming a software engineer – currently working in data science, which she picked up as part of her pre-med studies. This girl will achieve amazing things and I can’t wait to see that + am incredibly excited for her as she becomes a mother ❤️

Follow Wanda on social media and learn about her story below!

About Wanda

Hi! I’m Wanda. I’m a future software engineer who currently does freelance data analytics, translation, and transcription on the side. I’ve loved programming from a young age but only rediscovered it as a passion and life direction just a few short years ago. I love playing the guitar and video games in my spare time and can talk about bullet journaling for hours!

How did you get into tech?

I loved Computer Science from a young age (was one of the only girls in my CS classes in middle and high school). I had teachers encouraging me to pursue CS, but I really wanted to go pre-med. Truth is, I was terrified of being ‘the only girl in the room’. So my first degree is in Biology. From 2013-2016, I was working on a Masters degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Management that I ended up walking away from without the degree. But oddly enough, it was the time in graduate school that actually got me back into tech. I started working with data analytics in R, which got me programming again, and it just kind of took off from there! In Summer of 2019 I was accepted into OSU’s Post-baccalaureate program for EECS, so I’m currently working on my second degree 🙂

What languages/technologies do you have the most experience in?

Python, C++, and R. I also still remember coding in Basic back in the day! It was fun 🙂

What are you currently learning/practising?

Currently learning about data structures and OOP in Python and Javascript.

What are your favourite resources to learn/stay updated on tech?

Oh gosh, so many! I listen to several podcasts and have some favorite CS YouTubers (Mayuko and Masha being at the top of the list :D). I tend to gravitate to books too. Currently working through Eloquent Javascript.

What would people learn about by following you?

I hope that I encourage people to be honest and brave in whatever they pursue, whether that’s tech, or baking something new, or following through with the goals they set. And I’ve always wanted us to be able to support each other on that journey!at owning every aspect of your identity empowers you to have a more gratifying career and more substantive professional relationships.

What inspired you to start sharing your experiences on social media?

There were a few years where I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or why. When I started sharing my experiences on social media, it was with the hope that others would see that even when life doesn’t go -at all- the way you may have hoped it would, you can still get to a place where you’re constantly learning and improving and working towards goals. I wanted people to know that if I could come back from such huge ‘failure’, they could too!

How can we get in touch with you?

DM on Insta or send an email to!

Lightning round

iPhone or Android?


Dogs or cats?

Dogs, Cats

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

Coffee flavored ice cream is probably my favorite.

What’s the next place you want to travel to?

It’s probably time I get back to the motherland for a bit… I haven’t been to Poland in almost 15 years!

How many hours of sleep do you need to get to feel like yourself?


What is your superpower?

I try my hardest to be brave everyday, even in small ways.

Bravery is such a wonderful perspective in life, Wanda! Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring us!

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