Ways to Help with COVID-19 – International Initiatives

If you want to help with the current crisis, you’re in the right place! I’ve tried to compile as many international organisations and initiatives as I could find.

Use Control+F, or Command+F to search for keywords (e.g “food” or “design”). And I’ve organised these initiatives by countries, so you can jump straight away to what you like:

  1. Worldwide

  2. USA

  3. UK

If you know of any others that aren’t listed here, please use the button below to add them! I’ll be doing research and checking submissions to add more ideas regularly. So check back to see if there’s anything new and interesting.

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International Initiatives/Organisations helping with COVID-19


The Ventilator Project

This is aimed to rapidly create and manufacture a low cost Ventilator for Covid-19 patients worldwide.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers and Funds

  2. Skills needed: Engineering, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Distribution, Legal, Accounting, HR, Marketing, PR, Government Relations, Fundraising, FDA Approval, Medical, Advice

WHO Response Fund

Supporting countries to understand the virus as well as prevent, detect, and respond to it.

  1. Looking for: Funds

UN Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic response

To help with the economic, social and health impacts of this crisis. Also, to protect progress made towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers

  2. Skills needed: Health systems, Health supply chain, Medical, Medical waste management, WASH, Surveillance, Counseling. Logistics, Procurement, Emergency management and coordination, Socio-economic & health assessment, Gender based violence, Anthropologists/sociologists, Communications, Information management/Data analysis, Monitoring & evaluation, and Reporting, Child protection, Livelihoods, Economic development

Design to Combat COVID-19a

Using design thinking, engineering, and creative solutions to have an impact in your community and more.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers

  2. Skills needed: UX Design, Web Development, Software Development, Graphic Design, Illustration, Social Media, Email Marketing, Design Thinking, Research, QA Support, Data Science/Analytics, Translations

Feed the Children

Feed the Children exists to fight childhood hunger.

  1. Looking for: Funds

First Book

First Book believes that education is the best way out of poverty for children in need.

  1. Looking for: Funds

Help with Covid

Connecting volunteers with new or established projects helping with the COVID-19 crisis that need help.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers

  2. Skills needed: Anything

Radical Engineers

Provide tech resources to those who can best understand problems and create solutions.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers

  2. Skills needed: Engineering, Design

Hack From Home

To empower everyone to contribute to the struggle against COVID-19. They are trying to build technologies and use their personal data in an ethical way.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers

  2. Skills needed: Data science, Backend dev, Front end dev, Design (UX & graphic), Entrepreneurship, Domains


Create design-led solutions to a number of pressing challenges that are affecting us all.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers

  2. Skills needed: Design


ShareTheMeal is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) . This is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger.

  1. Looking for: Funds


No Kid Hungry

No kid in America should go hungry.

  1. Looking for: Funds


Robyn’s NY Hospital Initiative

New York hospital needs help with not having enough space or resources.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers

Massachusetts PPE Procurement and Donation Program

Delivering the resources to deal with COVID-19 in Massachusetts.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers and Funds

A Little Help (Denver)

Helping older adults who need a little help with grocery shopping and/or meds pick-up and delivery. Also, help with phone calls to check-in and for social connection.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers

Mile High United Way (Denver)

Helping those who need it most, including the homeless.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers and Funds


NHS Volunteer Responders

Support the NHS in the UK.

  1. Looking for: Volunteers

  2. Skills needed: Community response, patient transport, NHS transport, Emotional support

The Trussel Trust

Giving food to people in need.

  1. Looking for: Funds

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