Women in Tech Weekly Issue 21

Another Tuesday, another chance to celebrate women in tech, get inspired by their amazing accomplishments and benefit from the wonderful resources they share. In this issue of Women in Tech Weekly, we have a bunch of amazing accomplishments by some truly wonderful women, and you’ll get to learn about an organisation doing valuable and important work, as well as have some fun with Instagram filters (who doesn’t love those ?). Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

Celebrations ??

Christine launched a Kickstarter for Intro to Sorting zines!

In her own words:

“Finally launched our Intro to Bubble Sort zine for our Intro to Sorting series. It’s a fun way to learn how to code!“

Dasani is celebrating her first day at Microsoft!

In her own words:

“I just started my first full-time job at Microsoft as a Program Manager“

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First day ✅

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Hallie graduated from a coding boot camp!

In her own words:

“These past 12 weeks have been one of the most challenging and strenuous, yet rewarding experiences of my life. I had absolutely no coding background going into this boot camp, unlike almost all of my other classmates, so it is safe to say I had a lot to prove, not only to the class and to my teachers, but to myself as well. To say I was intimidated is an understatement.

With that being said, it has also been one of the most rewarding 12 weeks of my life as well. I think that with this experience, I have learned that you have to take the lows with the highs and simply embrace them because the highs wouldn’t be so high if the lows weren’t a part of the process—after all, isn’t that what life’s all about.“

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Lost my shoes, but gained a sister…had the most incredible weekend celebrating my favorite couple💍 welcome to the fam Mrs. Calhoun 😉 #halfmoonbay #oceanohotelandspa #showmeyourmumubridesmaids #sisterinlaws

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Selen published her app’s beta version on the Google Play store!

In her own words:

Frise is a smart recipe application. No more worries about what can you make with the ingredients that you have!“

Milena successfully launched her model rocket!

In her own words:

“I’ve participated in a workshop recently, where for 3 days I was working on my own model rocket. I’ve built it from scratch! I had to make my own composite by strengthening the plywood with carbon fibre, glue and sand, lots of elements and use of heavy-duty powertools. It turned out amazing, flew approximately 400m up!“

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Nie dostałam jeszcze danych z komputera pokładowego, ale 'na oko' poleciała na jakieś 400-500m i miękko wylądowała na spadochronie. Rakieta dużej mocy 'Wiewióra', którą zbudowałam podczas 4 dni warsztatów rakietowych organizowanych przez @astronaut_center i Polskie Towarzystwo Rakietowe. TO JEST TAK NIESAMOWITE UCZUCIE, do końca nie wiadomo czy jest na tyle dobrze wyważona, żeby polecieć prosto do góry, czy elektronika zadziała i otworzy się spadochron zapobiegając całkowitemu zniszczeniu modelu w kontakcie z ziemią. A ona leci tak wysoko, że w pewnym momencie znika z zasięgu wzroku, a potem pięknie ląduje! #rocketlaunch #rocket #launch #modelrocketry #rocketscience #modelrocket #stem #girlsintech #girlsinSTEM #spacegeek #spaceships #kobietydorakiety #polandcanintospace

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Roxana is celebrating the launch of the Women in Tech Dubai community!

Roxana says:

“?So excited for this new women in tech community in Dubai! This week we had our first meetup and it was a great opportunity to get to know each other and brainstorm our next events. A big thank you to Yasmine and Ming for starting this initiative!


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🎉 Welcome, Women in Tech DXB! This week we had our first meetup at the Unwind Cafe. A great opportunity to get to known each other and brainstorm our next events. A big thank you to Yasmine and Ming for starting this initiative! Sign up to join our upcoming events! (link in bio)

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Estefannie is celebrating Ana Karen from Epic Queen who is inspiring girls to do tech in Mexico!

Estefannie says:

“Ana Karen has been featured as one of the “Mexicanos Imparables” (Unstoppable Mexicans) and got to share her truly inspiring story of inspiring girls to get into tech!“

For more about Epic Queen, check out the resources below ⬇️

Resources ?‍?

Epic Queen – shared by Estefannie

Estefannie says:

“This is Ana Karen’s non-profit organization which focuses on bringing tech to girls of all ages in Mexico. Check it out at epicqueen.com, and if you can support please do. It is an incredible organization.”

Make your own Instagram filter in 10 minutes! – created and shared by Estefannie