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Women in Tech Weekly Issue Number 7

Another Tuesday, another issue of Women in Tech weekly! There were so many submissions this week and new faces – which makes me incredibly happy ?

Let’s look at all of these badass women:

Celebrations ??

Julia started her front end internship position in the Netherlands!

Julia says:

“I’m an American now working for 3 months in Rotterdam as a Front End Intern at @madeawkward a web agency! Here to learn React and many other technologies! Very excited to be here and get started! This is my first time so far from home!”

Congratulations, Julia! Hard work really does pay off and you are amazing!!?‍?

Roxana received People’s Choice Award and was named Developer of the Year Finalist at WTS Awards! ?

Roxana says:

“It was an incredible honour to be a finalist for ‘Developer of the year’ at Wonder Tech Summit Awards which took place in Copenhagen on 11th of May. It was such an inspiring event with so many talented women in tech! Congrats to the WTS team for bringing such a great event to the community. On top of this, I got to bring home the People’s Choice Award! ?”

Damn, girl! This is awesome, congratulations, you absolute badass!!

Priyanka was selected as a Google Summer of Code mentor!

Priyanka says:

“I love to contribute in open source and this year I applied for being a mentor in OWASP during Google summer of code. Hurray!!!! I got selected finally.”

Yesss!! This is so exciting Priyanka! I’m very excited to follow your journey ?

A post shared by Priyanka (@codewithmerake) on May 17, 2019 at 10:43pm PDT

Luba has launched her first episode of Life of Luba Live show!

Luba says:

“Life of Luba Live is a show where I interview interesting people on a variety of topics. This time I interviewed Stepan, Staff Software Engineer at Airbnb and formerly at FB, who besides being a badass in his SWE career, also launched a few successful businesses when he was a teenager.”

Luba, you are such a rockstar! ? It sounds like you manage to work on so many awesome projects, I don’t know how you do it girl! Keep on killing it!

A post shared by Luba Yudasina (@lifeoflubaa) on May 16, 2019 at 8:46am PDT

Dasani graduated Summa cum laude from CWRU!

Dasani says:

“I graduated Summa cum laude (4.000 GPA) from CWRU. I was an international student and it was such a challenging and rewarding journey. I was also awarded the Chairman’s award for leadership and academic excellence.”

This is so badass, Dasani ? Congratulations, you absolute genius! I can’t wait to see what’s next for you!!

Resources ?‍?

Dear 20-Something Girl Newsletter by Madison Mae – shared by Madison

Madison says:

“This weekly newsletter features productivity hacks, interesting articles, tech tips, and cool events in NYC and DC. Written by a young female millennial in tech :)”

Techfest – shared by anonymous

She says:

“I do not know if this may be a useful resource or not because It is a resource in Spanish but @sailormerqry is the co-founder of a big Spanish technological event with lots of talks about IT which is very great. This is the summary of the event but on the same page they have talks and they always do hackathons. She is very focused on incrementing women in stem and more than 40% of the panellist in the event this year were female.”

It is super useful, thank you so much for sharing this awesome event!

Kathryn says:

“This video by one of the few women creating programming tutorials on YouTube teaches viewers how to create a basic Alexa Skill. The tutorial also dives into the development changes Amazon has made to their voice platform.”

Jessica says:

“I didn’t have anyone to look to when jumping into software engineering so I started this blog in hopes that I could be that mentor for others trying to get into tech. Getting your first “adult job” can be scary, especially in coding so I wrote this post to help others feel more confident to take on software engineering as a first timer. “

Pink Programming – shared by Roxana

Roxana says:

“Pink Programming was nominated for ‘Initiative of the year’ at WonderTech Summit Copenhagen and they won! They are a non-profit association whose goal is to increase the number of women to code.”

Work Party Podcast – shared by Luba

Luba says:

“Cool podcast for women with a side hustle or women running businesses!”

Dasani says:

“Verah gives amazing advice about being an international student in the US and doing research and just generally doing well in college!”

Portrait of Verah made by Dasani Madipalli

Kathryn talks about her experience as a software engineer and shares her wisdom and advice for new developers!

Job Postings

Wayfair Senior Analyst – posted and shared by Masha

Masha says:

“This is a really exciting job opening at a fast paced, high growth, tech company. I’m looking for a Senior Analyst that is passionate about the intersection of Business Strategy + Analytics.”

I’m so excited to be able to share all of these news and learn about awesome resources, thank you, ladies! All of you are amazing and so is everyone that’s reading it ?Also, we have our first job posting, which is giving me even more ideas on how to grow this initiative!

As always, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like to share something for next week’s issue, here’s the submission form!! Bookmark that and add anything you’d like to share in there ?

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