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  • How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome at Work

    If you feel like a fraud or an imposter, you're definitely not alone. According to statistics, 70% of us experience it. So in this episode, we will discuss what is imposter syndrome, why and who experiences it. Plus, we'll tell you how to overcome the feeling that you're an impostor or a fraud. Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and on YouTube. Watch the podcast here: Check out our Affirmations for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome! What are your thoughts? How have you overcome impostor syndrome?

  • How to Successfully Change Careers with No Background in the New Field - Interview w/ Mona Tiesler

    Changing careers is scary - especially when you don't have any experience in the new field or industry. So many questions come to mind: how do I learn the skills/knowledge/expertise? How do I establish myself as an expert? How can I build a personal brand, network, use my previous background, make my CV stand out, etc.? Listen to the podcast here: Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and on YouTube. I sat down with my dear friend Mona, who has changed careers a couple of times now - to learn more about her thinking process and strategy. Mona is a venture capital investor focused on blockchain technology. She is an experienced business development professional with a demonstrated history of working in both corporate and start-up environments (Fintech, Edtech, Foodtech), having graduated with an MBA from INSEAD. Skilled in go-to-market strategy, strategic management, sales, marketing strategy, fundraising, business building and venture capital. Watch the podcast here: Read Mona's blog here! Let me know if you have any ideas/comments! ✨👩‍💻

  • How to Stop Comparing Your Career to Others

    Stop the scroll and learn how to stop the unhealthy habit of comparing yourself to others - and instead compete with previous versions of yourself. Comparing yourself to others on social media will not motivate you or help your growth, so stop doing it. Here's how! Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and on YouTube. Watch the podcast here: Join the Leadership Offsite Club! Let me know if you have any ideas/comments! ✨👩‍💻

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  • Leadership Offsite Club | Stereotype Breakers

    Leadership Offsite Club There's a reason why companies do offsites to do strategic thinking and planning. Why don't we do that for our lives and careers? How it works 01 Sign up for the Leadership Offsite Club 02 Confirm your participation by opting into receiving emails from us (check your spam folder if you don't get an email) 03 You will receive a welcome email and the current reflection prompt 5 minutes after that 04 Halfway through the next quarter, we will send you the next set of prompts The True Offsite Effect The term "offsite" implies being outside of your typical environment. That eliminates distractions, creates an intentional space, and helps you get your creative, out-of-the-box juices flowing. So for a true offsite effect, get outside: take yourself out for a coffee/meal or go to a park. How it Started My husband had a Leadership Offsite trip and the company paid for a hotel room for him. I loved the town and the company didn't mind me staying in the room - so I went and spent a day by myself journalling and reflecting (while taking myself out to meals). I called it my own Leadership Offsite and the rest was history ;)

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