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Hi, I'm Masha

I'm an entrepreneur, speaker, career coach, personal branding expert, content creator, ex-Googler and an advocate for women in the workplace.


We're on a mission

The question we're trying to solve is: how might we drive female impact and innovation in STEM by transforming the work culture to meet women’s needs?


3 Winners will be chosen at random on February 15th

Finish the course by February 14th



Enroll in the Professional Recognition Lab by January 30th

Win a free career coaching session

Coaching contest

Coaching Clients

"1 coaching session with Masha and I got further than I have been able to do so on my own for months (or maybe years?) !
She gave me clarity, structure, and understood what was my biggest challenge and opportunities to get me to focus on the things that FOR ME will be the most impactful.

She takes her time to understand you & your current context to give you a sharp objective perspective + the right tools and structure to help you figure out a whole lot about your career growth: from what success really means to you to where your focus should be and which actions you can and should start taking today."

- Ale Arce (@TheYogiCoder)

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