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The goal of this community is to Support, Connect and Inspire Women in Tech. It’s all about raising everyone’s level through a spirit of Community over Competition! ❤️


We’re your cheerleading team and your confidant - a place to share your wins and vulnerable moments from work and life. In fact, we have a vulnerability corner and are planning to hold regular virtual f*ck up events - to normalise talking about failure and help each other feel less alone through those experiences.

Expect honest conversations, new friendships and lots of valuable tips and advice. There are lots of different discussion rooms that will grow and multiply over time - depending on what the community needs. There will also be events, speakers and general chats about life where we can meet each other from all over the world.


This is a pilot, so this community will grow and evolve every day. We’re learning and figuring things out on the go, so please be patient with us if something isn’t quite right + please send us your feedback, ideas and suggestions! All of those are incredibly valuable as we’re trying to make this a safe and supporting place for everyone.

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