Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start learning how to code? How can I choose a programming language?

I have a video just for you!

Should I get a degree in Computer Science?

It depends on your goals, resources and many other personal factors. Computer Science degrees provide a great technical foundation for your career in tech and a lot of employers see it as a huge plus. However, it is also possible to get a job in tech and progress in your career without one. It may be trickier than without one - as you have to prove your technical knowledge with experience. More content is coming on this soon!

Am I too old to learn to code or get into tech?

Here's our post addressing this question and a video (also embedded in that post)

How can I decide between two or more career options?

Here's our framework for that and a video talking more about the framework:

Can you guide me?

I'm afraid I'm not offering those kinds of services, however, there are plenty of awesome resources out there and potential mentors! I'd recommend starting by trying to understand what it is that insterests you in technology and researching that direction. Here's our post on how to research roles :) Technical roles require constant learning and self-improvement, which is a skill. Don't be afraid to Google things, ask questions on Stack Overflow or join supportive communities. And if you identify as a woman, join our Stereotype Breakers Discord Community!

Am I smart enough to learn how to code?

The quick answer is yes. Here's the long answer and a video on the topic: