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You are an Auditory Learner

Auditory learners understand and process sounds the best out of all other types of information. They love music and could listen to others (or themselves) talk for hours.

Characteristics of Auditory Learners:

  • They enjoy talking to others and do so frequently

  • Podcasts and audiobooks are their best friends

  • Prefer spoken instructions

  • Tend to remember names before faces

  • Enjoy lectures and discussions

  • Have a musical mind

  • Express emotion as a tone of voice or volume of voice


Strategies for Learning:

  • Read things out loud to process concepts better – whether old materials or new

  • Find podcasts and audiobooks as supplementary learning materials

  • Make audio recordings from lectures

  • Recite information out loud

  • Discuss the materials with others

  • Use verbal repetition to help the information sink in


Hybrid Auditory Learners:

You could also be a hybrid learner! Here are some hybrid learning style options:

  • Auditory-Kinesthetic

  • Visual-Auditory

  • Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic


Read more about the other learning styles to see if you can enhance your studying strategies with a hybrid model: VisualKinesthetic



Finally, make sure that your learning materials help you motivate you to learn. Some motivating factors I’ve discovered are:


1. Course Timing/Schedule

Whether you have a set schedule for the course (e.g. if it is live) or if it is on-demand. Be honest with yourself, what would motivate you to put in the work more?

2. Social Pressure

Some people need company and social pressure for motivation, while some prefer to do things on their own. Which one are you?

3. Paid vs. Free

A huge motivating factor for me – if I’ve paid for something, I value it much more than free resources. Again, be honest with yourself here to find the perfect course for you.

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