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Holiday Gift Guide: STEM gifts created by women in STEM

What’s better than giving STEM gifts? Buying them from women in STEM and supporting their small businesses! So here’s a list of some of my favourite shops out there – please comment below if you know of any other ones as I’d love to add them!

Mary is the queen of beautiful and powerful designs. Her t-shirts and sweatshirts are simply beautiful!

Linda creates gorgeous STEM themed jewellery – perfect for anyone with a glamorous side to them!

Mayuko’s mech is simple and minimalistic while being upbeat – what a perfect balance!

Tailor sells a range of products, from beauty to cybersecurity items!

Beautiful science-related jewellery designed and created by two scientists!

Lauren creates cute and empowering designs that would be perfect in any gift!

Heidi creates gifts that will spark conversations and break stereotypes. There are lots of wonderful gifts for your friends in STEM!

Steph’s designs are also super simple and yet very cute, check out her Etsy store!

Cute techie mugs and other gifts – I love Ashley’s designs!

Not only does Kim have an array of digital products (resume templates? yes please!), but also cute merch!

Recently launched by two sisters, Jessica and Amy, this store has quite a few cute designs already!

Choose from a lot of different STEM prints and dress fits, this store has a ton of different items!


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