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Don't Be the One Who Says No to You! Let's Talk About Limiting Beliefs with Aida Kandil

Limiting beliefs are unavoidable. Everyone has them in some shape or form. We may not realize it, though! That's why talking about them is important. Talking helps us recognize those patterns in ourselves. Can't wait for you to listen to our interview with Aida about limiting beliefs and entrepreneurship!

Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Youtube.

More about Aida:

Aida Kandil is a serial Moroccan entrepreneur who is very passionate about supporting her country, so after studying in Canada, she decided to go back and make an impact in a vital sector: handicrafts. was born in 2019 to empower handcrafters in Morocco to connect and sell to an international audience, with the vision to expand to the entire MENA region. It supports them in their digital transition and allows them to promote their business internationally. MyTindy supports them by providing training and taking care of the logistics for their vendors. The marketplace has already onboarded more than 250 artisans that have sold products in over 35 countries.

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Watch the episode here!

What would you do if you stopped saying "no" to yourself? Let us know in the comments below!


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