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Holiday Gift Guide: Home Office Upgrades

2020 has been a very strange year – it was a year when lots of people transitioned to working from home and built their home offices. Well, since that isn’t going away anytime soon, why not help your loved ones upgrade their workspaces at home as part of your Christmas gifts? Here are some ideas and inspiration for it!

Some of the links below are affiliate, which means that I’ll get a small commission if you purchase products through them. It will not cost you anything extra. Thank you for supporting my blog!

Designing a home office (or upgrading it) should take into the account workspace best practices. I’ve done quite a lot of research on the subject, so the items below all take them into consideration!

Standing desk – a must for any home office

Sitting is the new smoking – so give your loved one a desk that will help them move and get their blood flowing. There are countless health benefits associated with having a standing desk and your friend/family member will love you forever for getting them one.

This is the desk I’ve had for years now – I chose the whiteboard finish, meaning that I can brainstorm things on it.

Desk converter – if getting a standing desk isn’t possible

In case if a standing desk isn’t an option, here’s a desk converter – which you can put on any desk/table and achieve the standing effect. Perfect for smaller spaces with less flexibility for moving/adding extra furniture.

This chair is so incredibly comfortable! My husband has it in his office now and I’ve made a video about it before. The way it hits your lower back is simply amazing – and I saw that recently this brand came out with a new model of heated & massage chairs. Treat your loved ones (or yourself to this divine comfort.

Also super comfy and very stylish! Mine is in white with grey mesh and looks so pretty – every time I post a picture of my home office on Instagram, I get at least 3 questions about what chair is that. Well, this is THE CHAIR 😉

High-resolution Webcam – for all of those Zoom meetings

Since most of our human communication is via video, it’s a good idea to upgrade your webcam! This Logitech one has served me very well over the last year and has found its space in my heart and home office.

Experts recommend for your laptop screen to be at a certain height – so that you don’t bend your neck and keep a correct posture. A laptop stand will help you achieve that!

Because wires suck and your friend’s laptop is now on a laptop stand – so they need something great to type on.

Wireless mouse that works on all surfaces

I’ve tested this baby and it worked on everything: granite, glass, sofa, leather – it even worked vertically. So if you or your friends have a tendency to relocate your home offices and migrate throughout your house, this mouse will be a great companion.

Because let’s face it: one’s home office upgrade isn’t complete without an awesome monitor.

Desk ring light – have the best lighting in Zoom meetings

Nothing screams professional these days more than having good lighting in video meetings. Posing as below is optional.

I just got this light for myself and I love it! The light is super soft and you don’t have to attach anything to it in order to make it softer/dimmer/warmer. It’s an all-in-one kind of ring light. Perfect for anyone creating videos!

Another upgrade for your meetings – or content if you’re creating any. I have this one in gold because I felt like being extra when buying it.

Because wires are ugly and ruin any aesthetic. They also get confusing and messy very quickly!

Daylight adjustable lamp

Always useful – especially if you don’t have a natural light source close to your desk. There have been countless studies about the benefits of daylight on our mood, productivity and sleep patterns.

Add a little green to your friend’s office! I just got one of these myself and I can’t wait to watch those roots grow.

Messy desks suck, so get your friend this customisable desk organiser!

In case if you’d rather be surfing. It’s so fun – I’ve had one for years now (this love affair started when I was working at Google) and I can’t get enough of it. Not only is it fun, but it also helps you work on your balance and strengthen your muscles as you work.

What a list – I hope you’ve found some ideas and inspiration of what to get your loved ones!


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