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How to Shut Up Your Inner Critic

Do you struggle with negative self talk? Do you wish that you could just get that inner critic to shut up? Here are some tips on stopping those negative thoughts and changing them to be more positive. You can change your life. Here's how!

1. Start noticing your patterns

The key to making lasting change anywhere is to see your patterns and find a way to change them. Start trying to recognize times when your negative self-talk is especially bad. Maybe that’s when you’re feeling anxious about the day ahead. Maybe it’s when daydreaming about a different life. Perhaps it’s when you make a mistake at work. Notice the types of things you say to yourself, and when. Recognizing your triggers will help you figure out ways to help yourself before the negative self talk can even start. Many people’s negative self talk revolves around the same topics, like “I’m not smart enough”. What negative things do you find yourself saying to yourself over and over again? At this point, that negative self talk might feel like your true inner voice. We’re going to change that.

2. Develop your positive inner voice

Now that you’ve figured out when your negative self talk happens, it’s time to replace that voice. This will take some time, so don’t worry if you don’t really believe your positive voice at first. Practice makes perfect. With time, the positive inner voice will start to feel more like you than the negative voice. Come up with some positive reframes of your typical negative self talk. Try these affirmations and gratitude prompts if you're getting stuck!

3. Practice, practice, practice.

When you know you’re starting to feel triggered, try to ask your more positive voice for its opinion, instead of just listening to the negative one. Whenever you catch yourself saying mean things to yourself, try reframing your self talk into something more positive. Don’t fall into the trap of getting mad at yourself for not using positive self talk. That’s a fast track to more negative self talk! Remember that you are unlearning years of a habit. Trying to develop your positive inner voice, and use it often, might be a lifelong practice.

That’s it! Just three steps to making your inner critic shut up. This takes a lot of time, but if you try just a little every day, you can change your life completely in no time. I can’t wait to see what you’re capable of once you stop listening to that mean voice! Still looking for more help being happier with yourself? Check out this post for 5 scientifically proven ways to be happier with your life! Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas for shutting that voice up. And share this post with anyone else who struggles with negative self talk too!


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