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How You Can Build Habits That Stick

As we all know, we are creatures of habit, those are the things that we default to. Luckily there has been quite a lot of research around this topic, and I’m about to share 10 tricks on how you can optimise your habit formation. It obviously still takes a lot of work and staying consistent, but those tips will help you be smarter about all of it.

Before we get into it, think about what habit you would like to form and why – it’s very important to be clear on those things! If you’d like to form a habit of practicing gratitude, check out this post!

I’ve prepared a FREE Habit-forming worksheet for you – which you can download using the link below. It will take you through some prep-work and questions that will help you have some structure, as well as all of the steps below so that you can create a productive habit and make it stick!

Copy of Habit Formation Worksheet

Send me the Habit Formation Worksheet

Once you understand what it is that you want to turn into a habit and why – it’s time to strategise! So let’s get into that list of habit optimisation hacks:

1. Start small

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once. Start small and build up from there.

2. Attach it to a trigger action

A trigger could be any existing habit, for example, brushing your teeth!

3. Reduce perceived barriers

If you reduce perceived barriers to starting an action, you will be doing it much more. And vice versa 🙂

4. Stick to it for 30 days

Habit formation takes 3-4 weeks, so let’s be conservative 😉

5. Change your attitude

If you don’t enjoy this action, try to change your attitude towards it!

6. Create rituals

Rituals are a set of actions you do that almost become automatic. For example, you may have a bed-time ritual, where you brush your teeth, wash your face, moisturise, etc.

7. Find an accountability partner

We like making ourselves proud, but when someone else is involved, the motivation not to disappoint them is sometimes even greater.

8. Track your progress

Find a tracker journal, app or use a calendar that will be in your face and make you feel guilty when you try to miss a day.

9. Don’t see it as all in or all out

If you do miss a day, it’s not a reason to give up! Don’t use that as an excuse to quit and keep on going.

10. Celebrate your milestones

We tend to always recognise the negative things we do, but when it comes to positive ones, we don’t always acknowledge them. So think through milestones that you’d like to reach with your habit and celebrate them once you get there!

I go into much more detail regarding those points in the video below – watch it if you’d like to learn more!

Once your strategy is in place, it’s time to implement! And remember, always go back to your why when things get tough. Our minds are resistant to change – event when it’s good for us! So remind yourself of your why and keep on going!

Sticking with an activity for at least 30 days really helps you with making it a habit and Hal Elrod, the author of the book called the Miracle Morning, divides those 30 days into 3 categories:

  1. Days 1-10: Unbearable

  2. Days 11-20: Uncomfortable

  3. Days 21-30: Unstoppable

So remember that and make yourself proud!

Let me know what habit you want to start and why in the comments! And don’t forget to download the worksheet 🙂

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