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January 19: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 94

Are you ready for your weekly dose of inspiration with the latest issue of Women in Tech Weekly? 🥰

If you’d like to submit anything for next week’s issue, please do so using the submission form at the bottom of this post.

Celebrations 🥂🎉

Amelia got promoted to Software Engineering Manager!

Amelia says:

Recently promoted last week to Software Engineering Manager at Meredith Corporation

Tierra celebrated her birthday!

Tierra says:

Happy Birthday Tierra! I hope you’ve enjoyed a relaxed celebration with lots of delicious pastries and naps 🥰 May this new year bring you wonderful things!

Jessica reached 100k subscribers on YouTube!

Jessica says:

Yesss congratulations, Jessica! Hard work and providing value with your audience always pays off ❤️

Learning how to code is a challenge and requires a lot of trial and error – which means that our confidence may suffer. So here are some exercises that will help you reflect on what you’re learning and your progress, helping you build confidence!

Resources 👩‍💻

Amelia says:

I think we are all exhausted from this past year and this book has been recommended to me several times already!

Luna says:

It can often be difficult to manage your time well as a computer science student, especially when you’re tackling big projects and facing unexpected bugs that could take hours to resolve. Tanushri does a great job of highlighting both general time management tips and CS specific tips that have helped her tackle CS projects and assignments successfully in her 4 years as a CS student.

Bukola shares 5 In-Demand Tech Roles that don’t require programming skills and provides details about what exactly these roles do!

I love books and here are some of the ones I think everyone should read – I recommend these titles to all my friends and family all the time! You’ve probably heard me talk about some of them (and for a good reason, I love these books!), here’s why I think you should read them in 2021.

How can you create a portfolio website that stands out and positions you as a strong candidate? Especially if you’re changing careers and entering the industry after a Bootcamp or a coding course?


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