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June 01: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 113

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How is it June already? Time flies when you're busy learning new things and reaching for your dreams! Here's what some of the amazing ladies in the community been up to recently, let's celebrate them together!

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Celebrations 🥂

Harshita hit her first 1000 followers on her tech blog!

Harshita says:

I wanted to start a blog to help women in STEM interview + deal with complex problems in the coding world! I am so happy to say that I’ve reached the first 1000 follower milestone

Ana is celebrating a career change!

Ana says:

I have worked as a Java developer/analyst for four years. And now I change my career to be an iOS developer.

Carolina got 2nd place in a Programming Competition!

Carolina says:

2nd place in the female category of the first programming competition at my University. The prize was sponsored by Google Mexico.

Cybineer is celebrating her motivation for change!

Cybineer says:

I'm currently learning python and I'm currently 5 consecutive weeks in out of a 10 week bootcamp. It is hard to stay motivated with a full time job and hitting programming roadblocks but I can see the end of the tunnel and I'm continuing to push forward.

Rej got her Google Project Management Certificate!

Rej says:

The certificate program contains six courses that approximately should last in six months. I did it within the range of two months but I studied for 30 days only during those months.

Masha has registered a company in the US!

Masha says:

Super excited because that was step 1 to a big exciting rebrand that's coming soon ;)

Taz and her team at Cyber Collective were featured in Forbes!

This is awesome, so proud of you and your team, Taz! Keep on inspiring us and showing that anything is possible with hard work and determination 🥰

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Resources 👩‍💻

Estefannie says:

I want people to understand why I think NFTs are important and today they are not necessarily married to technology.

Bukola documented her attempt to learn JavaScript in 3 days!

Let's talk about the 3 newest Google Professional Certificate programs on Coursera, helping you kick-start a career in UX Design, Data Analytics, and Project Management.

Sales gets a bad reputation, but it’s a vital skill for everyone in the modern-day world, yes, even you. In fact, when I realized how selling skills can be applied to our everyday lives, my career started growing exponentially. Let me tell you more and give you some tips on how to get better at it!


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