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January 21: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 42

Are you ready for the most successful and productive year to date? We’re back with some inspiring ladies in our new edition of Women in Tech Weekly, here to kick you into gear and motivate you to be the best version of yourself that you can be!

Do you also belong on this awesome list? Make sure to check out the submission form below! Looking forward to reading about you ?

Featured Woman ?‍?

Sonia Camacho

Sonia is such a beautiful human being – inside and outside! She creates awesome content that never fails to make me think and her smile always brightens my day. Follow this wonderful girl’s journey as she studies computer science and explores the world of tech and fashion!

Celebrations ??

Daniela is celebrating her internship!

In her own words:

“I just started a new internship at Bosch in Mount Prospect, IL this past week. I will be working on the IT Project Management team.”

Robyn celebrated her birthday!

Happy Birthday, Robyn, you incredible woman! ? Keep on going for your dreams as you inspire us with your powerful attitude towards life. May this new year in your life bring you balance, awesome emotions and fulfillment!

It’s almost 2020, so I can’t believe this needs to be said… Women don’t owe anyone free labor— including emotional. Women don’t owe anyone their “nice”— engaging in convo, smiling, making eye contact. ⚡️ Time is your most precious resource. Your time is more valuable than any material item on this planet. You become what you spend your time doing and absorb the energy of the people around you, or they suck you dry of yours. When you give your time to people you don’t want to, you’re taking away time for yourself. ⚡️ Accepting DM requests and answering people’s questions is never a 5 minute convo. A mentoring relationship happens over the course of weeks or months and requires hours of my time and attention. Every now and then someone I had previously mentored checks back in and shares their success story with me… It warms my heart every time. But I can’t provide that anymore. And I won’t apologize for saying no. ⚡️ My DMs have become almost entirely a place where people from the most represented group(s) in tech continuously, obsessively, and hostilely demand that I provide professional consulting to them for free; it has become a place where a bunch of men ask me if I *really* am what I say I am on my resume. This is one type of toxic micro-aggression that women endure in tech spaces. No, I don’t know any man in my industry who is constantly doubted by strangers on the Internet asking if he *really* has the job or skills listed on his resume. ⚡️ If you value someone’s professional consulting, don’t pop up in their DMs with your hand out asking for free labor. Stop taking advantage of women. Show respect by asking what they charge for their hourly rate. ⚡️ You, as an individual, are not a charity. I can’t give my time for free to individuals. I’m one person and that doesn’t scale. No, I won’t feel bad for setting boundaries with strangers. ⚡️ This post is for any woman or underrepresented person who has felt an unspoken obligation to be overly nice or “throw in an extra hour for free.” You don’t owe that to anyone. ⚡️ Stop shaming women for being assertive. ⚡️ #womenintech #rolemodel #ilooklikeanengineer #girlswhocode #womeninstem

A post shared by Programm.r (@programm.r) on Nov 12, 2019 at 5:57am PST

Resources ?‍?

An easy python script that showcases how to automate boring tasks, for example applying to jobs on LinkedIn when trying to find a job 🙂 The script is helpful for beginners and experts in Python and it is also an easy tool that everyone can use 🙂

An awesome video by Nicole on her amazing YouTube channel. You will miss out if you don’t subscribe!

STEM Baddies – created by Vishakha

A badass account reminding us that being ?????? & ?????? isn’t mutually exclusive! Curated by the wonderful Vishakha.

We all have endless opportunities in terms of our careers and education, especially when it comes to the tech industry! So how can you make that decision? Let me give you my framework!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like to share something for next week’s issue, here’s the submission form!! Bookmark that and add anything you’d like to share in there ?

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