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October 15: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 28

Back again with another Women in Tech Weekly issue and as always it’s filled with stories of amazing, awe-inspiring women! I simply love sharing their success stories and getting the opportunity to learn from the resources they make and share, and I hope you do too ?

And if you do, you’ll love being part of it even more, so make sure you submit your story for the next one!

Featured Woman ?‍?

Nastia and unicode_unicorn

Nastia is an awesome person and life-long learner who strives constant growth! She is always listening for feedback and for things that will make her better – or that will make her curiosity light up. She loves programming for its ability to solve problems and is always up for a challenge! Make sure you follow Nastia to stay updated on her adventures and for a dose of motivation ✨

Celebrations ??

Roxana is celebrating the #IamRemarkable workshop in Dubai!

In her own words:

“❤️ Such a heartfelt #IamRemarkable workshop in Dubai as part of the Women in Tech DXB group. Sharing our own personal stories was an incredible learning experience. The key takeaways of this workshop started by Google are to improve self-promotion motivation skills and challenge social perceptions towards self-promotion.”

A post shared by Rox • Mobile App Developer📱 (@coderox) on Oct 12, 2019 at 2:56am PDT

Archana successfully participated in Google Get Ahead APAC 2019 Development Program!

In her own words:

“This was 2 months long program for students interested in developing their technical skills and learning more about future employment opportunities at Google like it’s interview, culture and more. ”

A post shared by A r c h a n a 🌻 (@archanaserver) on Sep 29, 2019 at 12:59pm PDT

Pamela just launched a forum on her website!

In her own words:

“I started a website as a blog but wanted to grow it to help others in their data science journeys as a community. And I’ve been learning how to code and develop. This feels like a huge milestone for me and I’m so happy and want to help people by creating places for them to get support in data and tech!”

Resources ?‍?

Google Get Ahead APAC Experience – created and shared by Archana

Archana says:

“I have learned a lot through this program about Google interviews. In this blog, I have included some useful links to prepare for top companies interviews and tips to solve Algorithm problems.”

The Big Data Life Campus Forum – created and shared by Pamela

Pamela says:

“This is the forum I just launched and it’s meant to recreate that campus community. It’s for talking and sharing challenges and ideas.”

Natasha says:

“The author created a great list of courses, pages, books for starting to learn AI.”

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like to share something for next week’s issue, here’s the submission form!! Bookmark that and add anything you’d like to share in there ?

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